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Do not break down, Break records instead!

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2 years ago

On a certain day, a little boy named Paul who was still living with his parents in a beautiful home, was found crying at the balcony by his father. His father was perplexed and asked Paul why he was crying, still sobbing Paul said "I have too many problem in life," and he shared all his problems with his father.

Paul's father listened to him patiently and when Paul was done, the father asked him to hold on, he went into the house and stepped out again some minutes later with a bowl containing a potato, an egg and some coffee beans.

The father asked Paul to put his hand into the bowl, and feel it's content, thereafter also stating what he felt. Paul was now really confused because he had no idea what was going on but he obliged anyway. He placed his hand into the bowl and described how he felt about each of them. The father smiled and asked Paul to place the three contents in separate bowls, pour water in them and boil. Paul did so and after a while the father turned off the stove and placed all the bowls on the counter.

When they had cooled down, Paul's father asked him to touch the content of each bowl again and described how the egg, potato and coffee beans felt. Paul did as his father said, but this time he had a different answer. He said, "the potato's skin is much easier to peel as it is very soft, the egg had hardened, and there is a fresh aroma coming from the coffee beans".

Listening to Paul, the father smiled and told him the potato, egg and coffee beans reacted to the adverse situation. The potato had become soft, the egg became stronger while the coffee beans changed their form entirely during their testing time in the boiling water.

Note: nothing in life happens to you that you can't handle. Problems are there to push you to a higher place. What matters is how you react to the problems, and your reaction determines the outcome.

Problems are part of life. So don't see them as problems but as stepping stones to success.

Problems can make you hard as an egg or soft like a potato.

Problems can make you bitter or better!

Problems can make you acidic or full of sweet aroma as you live.

Now I understand why William ward wrote: "Adversities cause some men to break down; others to BREAK RECORDS."

Let you pain and problems cause you to break records because remember, TOUGH TIMES DO NOT LAST, BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO!

-Keep holding on


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Written by   44
2 years ago
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