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Change or Constant?

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2 years ago

There are two concepts in life that really do matter change and constant.

Every thing in life fall under this two concepts mentioned above. There are things that change and there are things that are constant. We as humans need to understand the difference between these two concepts in order to leave a more productive life. We need to know what things are meant to change and what things are meant to be constant.

When ever I talk about these two concepts most people can easily get confused based on the terms involved.

Change is when something is not constant

While constant is when something doesn't change

I hope you got that. But also yet again

Change is constant

And constants can change

Hope you are not lost yet?

These are yet some words you might have already heard at one point or the other... They generally are talking about the same point which is Change.

Change is present in everything. Changes can be recorded from everything even in time. It is said that time heals all wounds, right? But the time itself change in seconds and it constantly moving...

So you can see that even the most valid quantity of measurement in life changes so why do you feel things can't change concerning your situation... Don't belittle yourself because of one situation or the other... Don't stay in one place for too long, try as much as possible to try out new things often if not daily.

I Believe nothing in constant and everything is subject to change.

If you have a different opinion do well to let me know. Thanks for the support.

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Change is really constant depending on the environment

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2 years ago

Yeah... It present in most environs

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2 years ago

wow!! this is a very nice article.. I have learnt many thinks from this article..thanks for sharing us this of luck

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2 years ago

You are welcome... Thank you for reading and dropping a feedback...

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2 years ago