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When a woman is neglected

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4 months ago

I'm going to tell you a life story that a friend of mine shared with me.

The name of our heroine is Iva. So, she was living with her husband and eldest son in their home. iva was an economist and worked privately in her home.

Being a good housekeeper during the holidays,she cleaned and kept her home clean,neat and cozy.

Every day she got up early,walked the dog - then prepared breakfast for her son and husband. during the break she did the shopping, washed the dishes that the men had not even cleared off the table.

The bond between father and son was strong, but they thought housework was a woman's job.

They didn't realize that Iva also worked and took care of the home they lived in. so time passed in Iva's daily routine, which was repetitive.

At some point she realized that the people close to her treated her like an appendage. there was a lack of respect.

That day started out as usual for iva, but it was special. they were having their marriage anniversary. she made sure that the dinner she prepared was special. she set the celebratory table and waited for the men to return.

When they arrived - her husband asked her what the occasion was for arranging her celebration dinner.

At that moment, iva's eyes darkened. she pulled the tablecloth from the table and heard the sound of breaking dishes.

The muttering of her son and husband that she had spoiled a fine meal.

Iva was not herself. she went to the station and boarded the first train. she was alone in the compartment, but it was not long before a man entered the compartment. she heard a familiar voice: "Iva are you? "It was her colleague Veselin. years ago they worked together in the same company. he was on his way to the villa near the city. he got divorced and wanted to change his environment. "Where are you going? " Vesko asked her.

- I don't know, was Iva's reply.

The train had stopped,he took my hand and said:

- Come with me,please.

Two unforgettable days passed like in a fairy tale with Vesko. Iva remembered what it was to be a desired and loved woman. On the third day they had to go home.The new week had started and they were at work.

Iva knew very well that this would not happen again.

She went home and saw two sad and abandoned men. their home was tidy and clean.

Life went on as normal, but housework was no longer just women's work.

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Written by   10
4 months ago
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