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The waterfalls of Kostenets

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To your attention today I present the first waterfall in Kostenets, which is located at the foot of Rila Mountain.

Passing by the village of Kostenets, there are signs pointing the way to Kostenets villas.

Near the villas flows the river Chavcha,which has shaped the rocks around the waterfall in an interesting way and formed several smaller waterfalls.

You will see them as you walk towards the big waterfall. Kostenska waterfall. It is about 12 meters high.

Nature has created a paradise of beauty - Kostenska waterfall.

The waterfall has its own history from the past . In the past it was visited by the patriarch of Bulgarian fiction Ivan Vazov. The natural beauty of the waterfall served as a beautiful muse and the poet Ivan Vazov wrote about it and praised it in two of his works.

Part of his poem "Kostenski Waterfall" is also inscribed on the wooden ornament at the beginning of the path to the waterfall.

From the centre of Kostenets go left over the bridge, which is just before the start of the path to Kostenski Falls.

Follow the arrows and signposts hanging in the trees, there is nowhere to go wrong. Once you reach the river, the trail becomes relatively flat.If you continue a little further up the road after the waterfall, you will reach the Gurgulitsa hut.

After Gurguliitsa hut you will pass through a wide meadow, you will walk almost entirely through the forest and only downhill. From there, a wide trail leads you to another waterfall - the fairy Skalovitec. The hike to it is about 30-40 minutes.

There are several picnic spots around the waterfall itself - wooden benches with tables and a gazebo where you can eat if you bring sandwiches. Almost all of the places to eat are in the shade, so even in the summer time they are nice.

The Kosten waterfall is only 12 m high, but it is still impressive and forms a powerful curtain of water

The walk to Kosten Waterfall is for those days when you've remembered late that you want to go somewhere, or you want to get out of town but aren't in the mood for a long hike.

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Written by   10
1 month ago
Topics: Nature, Day, Live, Photography
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