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The month of May is already here

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The month of May is named after the ancient Roman goddess Maya, or the ancient Roman fertility goddess Bona Dea, whose feast day was in May.

The Old Slavonic name for this month is grass, literally "the month of grass" - the month in which grass sprouts.

The Proto-Bulgarians called this month Vehem.

Lilac - It is a pleasure to pick a large bouquet or sit in the garden under its fragrant branches.

It symbolizes youth, renewal, spring rebirth.

The birthplace of this magnificent shrub is sunny Persia, from where traders brought it to Vienna 400 years ago, and from there it quickly spread throughout Europe.

In the first days of May the large fragrant inflorescences of the hyacinth-coloured varieties appear and delight the eye for up to 20 days.

Then comes the time of the common lilac, and 5-12 days after it begins to bloom the Hungarian - its flowering lasts 20-25 days.

This divine shrub of nature,reminds me very much of a period in the life of man.

The period of youthful growth, when we are teenagers.

The transition from childhood to adult life is a stressful experience for any teenager.

A look at the earthly carpet that nature has created during this spring month of May.

Dandelion - a perennial herbaceous plant with milky sap. It is found in meadows and grassy places along streams across the country. Dandelion has been known as a medicinal plant since ancient times, it is called the balm of the sun's rays. This is no accident - dandelion helps with a number of ailments.

These are good-natured people who find the strength and courage to smile - and are willing to help with whatever they can in a variety of situations.

Health workers,who give health with their professional skills and bring light into people's lives.

Buttercup - also known as spring buttercup , is a low-growing, non-woody perennial plant.

The plant is poisonous if ingested raw, and is potentially lethal to grazing animals. very often confused with dandelion.

To me these are people who are dissatisfied with life and are always knitting together occasions to express their dissatisfaction in various ways.

There are no perfect people each person is unique,but nature has created in an original way shrubs and herbs that remind of her relationship with people.

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