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Holy Thursday - day of Holy Week

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5 months ago
Hello everyone,

The Christian world is getting ready to welcome the spring festival of Easter.

Faith, it is man's most powerful force.

Holy Thursday carries a lot of symbolism.

According to tradition, Easter eggs are dyed early on the morning of Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, before the feast of Christ's resurrection - Easter.

This tradition is followed in my family as well.

In every Bulgarian home on this day, women show their unique creativity and dye beautiful Easter eggs. different methods and techniques are used to achieve a beautiful effect of the dyed eggs.

The first egg should be dyed red. The next egg is also red - it is left in the church on Saturday evening, after the festive service which lasts past midnight.

Since ancient times, many cultures have associated the egg with the universe. many peoples have seen the egg as a symbol of rebirth in the spring.

After the advent of Christianity, the egg began to be seen as a symbol of man's birth from nature. Red eggs are a symbol of the martyr's blood of Christ. Being a good Christian woman, I decided to share with you my skills in dyeing eggs for Easter this year.

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Written by   10
5 months ago
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