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Children's Day

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In almost all countries of the world is celebrated Children's Day .

This holiday is on different dates and is related differently to the traditions of different countries.

International Children's Day is on June 1 in almost all countries of the former socialist camp.

It has its origins in the World Conference on Child Health held in 1925 in Geneva (Switzerland).

Immediately afterwards, its celebration in Bulgaria began on 8 May under the patronage of Princess Evdokia and later Boris III's wife. In Bulgaria, after the coup in 1944, its new celebration began after 1949, when Moscow announced that 1 June was adopted as International Children's Day.

In countries with communist regimes, the holiday is officially called International Children's Day.

The holiday is given a strong political flavour. After the change of the political system in these countries, the holiday was maintained. This day is one of the most revered holidays for children.

And here is more about the history of this holiday:

The need for special protection of children's rights was proclaimed in the Geneva Declaration on the Rights of the Child in 1924.

Humanity must give the child the best it has, beyond all considerations of race, nationality and creed:

1. The child must be placed in a position to develop properly in body and mind.

2. The hungry child must be fed, the sick child must be cured, the underdeveloped child must be encouraged, the misguided child must be brought to understanding, the orphaned and abandoned child must be aided and sheltered.

3. The child must first be helped in time of trouble.

4. The child must be prepared to earn a living and must be protected from any uprooting.

5. The child should be brought up in the mind that he should use his best qualities in the service of his brethren."

This declaration is the beginning of the work of child protection. Bulgaria was admitted as a member of the International Children's Protection Union on 13 April 1925.

Children's Day was first officially celebrated internationally in 1950 in 51 countries around the world, and was established in 1949 by a decision of the Council of the International Democratic Women's Federation.

How is Children's Day celebrated?

On this Children's Day, special games are organized for children, as well as a large-scale children's celebration.

Speeches are made on children's rights and children's programmes are broadcast on television.

Various restaurants open their doors for children's parties, and treats, gifts and balloons are handed out to children on the streets.

The aim is to create a cheerful mood that will captivate even adults who remember that they were children too.

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4 months ago
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