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Amazing pet

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4 months ago
Topics: City, Photography, Nature, Day

He appeared out of nowhere in the yard of the block I live in.

He stood under my terrace.I fed him and since then every day at the same time he came and waited under the terrace for me to appear.

I love animals. I've had pets for a long time, cats that I've given a lot of care and love to.

I had a male dog called Pooh, he was a gift from a friend, we looked after him for 12 years.

Extremely well behaved, he was a member of my family. after he left us, I couldn't take another animal home.

To this day I still can't shake the loss of him.

I live in an apartment and realized we were depriving animals of freedom - which every living thing needs.

Rizhko, that's what the yard kids called him. maybe because of his coloring He was a house dog, good-natured, with yellow and white decorations.

He would come and go for a while after he got food.

Gradually he began to increase his time of stay and settled imperceptibly in the yard of the block.

After me, the children took him in and named him , and then all the neighbors from both entrances of the whole block.

He knows all the owners cars that stop in the yard and keeps them.

When for some reason someone else's car comes in, he barks and shows that the place is not here.

Rizhko has a panic fear of thunder. during a heavy rain he went into an uninhabited basement. we had to get him out of there with a neighbor.

Apparently he remembered us,because he has a special relationship with us.

We bought him a wooden doghouse and put it in the yard,so he has a home.I don't know how,but he senses when I leave the apartment and always meets me on the first floor.

A loyal and amazing friend,who in his own way shows respect to each of us.

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Written by   10
4 months ago
Topics: City, Photography, Nature, Day
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Our attitude towards animals defines our essence as humans.

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4 months ago

Animals are very intelligent and wonderful politicians too I would say because one they derive benefit from a place they keep coming again and again with those sweet attitude. That how politicians behave too.

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4 months ago