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7 psychological tricks that will make your life better

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2 months ago
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Here are the 7 golden rules that will help you cope with bad mood, depression, apathy and improve your lifestyle.

1. The mirror rule

Quite simply - it means that every person who is present in your life is a mirror reflection of you, because they inevitably influence your character, your mood, your worldview, even your self-esteem. You've heard of "energy vampires," right? These are the people who burden you, who seem to "suck" your energy and appropriate it. Avoid them. Seek the company of positive and well-meaning people who will not only weep for your sorrow, but also rejoice heartily at your success.

2. The power of choice

Everything that happens in your life is the result of the choices you make. Every action leads to another action, it is a chained sequence of events that are knotted together and none just sits idly in empty space. Some call it fate, some call it God, some call it chance. Science calls it personal choice. Of course there are things we don't choose - parents, family, birth, death. But let what is up to you be thought through. If you have a dream goal, follow it steadfastly. Each small step brings you closer to the desired outcome.

3. The power of mistakes

It is important to realize that anyone can make mistakes. Perfection and sinlessness are inherent only in dead matter. So be glad that you make mistakes and that you can learn from your mistakes. It means that life goes on.

4. The rule of relativity

There are things that depend solely on us, so stop complaining about your relationship, your lifestyle, your job. If you don't feel happy with the person yes yourself, better look around for a change. If you don't like your job, quit. Nothing is as scary as it seems. Tell yourself you deserve more, get over your fear and habit and take heart!

5. The anticipation effect

Come to terms with the idea that no one owes you anything. The less expectations, the less disappointments. Be kind to others without reservation and help selflessly. The mere fact that you have lent a hand to someone in need should give you enough satisfaction.

6. The rule of sober thinking

Live in the here and now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, today! Don't think about what has already passed, don't worry about what is to come. Life is in this moment as you read these lines, as you sip a cup of coffee, as you watch a pleasant movie. Don't miss the present moment for thoughts of what could have been or what could be. What matters is what is now.

7. The power of optimism

Don't ignore the little things that surround you. Don't blame life for being boring, don't begrudge people their lives - delude yourself that it's more interesting than yours. Enjoy nature, the beauty around you. Give thanks that you are alive, that you are healthy, that you walk, that you see, that you hear. Create your own experiences and good memories. If you spend most of your time with the remote in front of the TV or staring at the monitor, no wonder you have fallen into a hole. Get up and get outside. The world is waiting for you!

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Written by   10
2 months ago
Topics: Nature, Day, Live
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