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30-day writing challenge

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4 months ago
30 Day Somewhere Writing Challenge | Day 4

Defining a personality as such is a complex matter. To make it easier to understand, it can be addressed in several sequential steps as follows:Ellehcim

- Describe your personality

Individual - possesses all the common properties of man as a living organism.

Individuality - defines the specificity of an individual personality, and it may be hereditary or random in nature.

Not all people possess individuality (e.g., small babies).

Individuality - represents the result of the process of education and self-education.

Not all people can be individuals - those who are not aware of their individuality cannot be.

Such are, for example, people with mental abnormalities such as oligophrenes or with physiological abnormalities in which the functions of the higher nervous system are absent.

- Things that make you happy.

Happiness is a word that hides behind it the best and most beautiful things that one cannot imagine having. Happiness is a very strong feeling that, no matter when or where, outweighs sadness, grief, suffering. Being happy is something precious that is hidden somewhere in our hearts and souls. It is felt, felt, seen in our smiles and heard in our laughter.

Happiness makes people beautiful, fresh, gives them the incentive to fly in their world, to feel the wonderful sense of freedom.

But to be happy, there must be a reason. I am happy when I have been helpful to someone, when I see eyes sparkling with joy, when I learn that a close relative or friend of mine has achieved success, has overcome something. Or when new life appears among my loved ones.

I will be happy if there are no wars in the world, if there are no poor, sick and starving people, if greed and envy disappear among us - thinking beings called humans, because they are the root of all the evils on this otherwise so beautiful planet we inhabit, but they also destroy, which is not wise.

I will be happy if we can enjoy the little things in life. If everyone knows how to value the lives of others and not just our own, if we keep nature clean so it doesn't get its revenge on us.

Happiness in life consists of those soon forgotten things - the charm of a kiss or a smile, a

kind look.

- A memory.

Some days pass without leaving a trace, and others we remember forever.

What is your earliest childhood memory? Do you remember your first kiss? Or the most delicious food you ever tasted? Or the smell of freshly cut grass on a perfect summer day?

Good memories are integral to mental health and our overall sense of happiness.

They give us strength in difficult times, remind us of who we really are, and fill us with hope for the future.

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Written by   10
4 months ago
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