To be able to hope even when everything is so bad

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To wrap up your hope even when everything is so bad.

To sow seeds so that you may sprout again, all around you. To do whatever it takes so that they can grow.

The moment you say "I'm burnt, I'm done, I'm exhausted", instead of trying to cope alone, to ask for help.

Not to neglect yourself.

Always remembering the saying "You will be fine so that you can benefit from the outside".

First to heal yourself, then the world.

“So what can I do?” to ask yourself the question honestly.

Just "Oh, wow!" to go on stage without hiding behind your words.

To take steps without saying small or big.

To believe in the sanctity of food and labor.

To prevent the excess from being wasted.

Always saying "No" to those who come from all over to buy something.

To reduce your trash, to think about your footprint.

To make your choices not just for your own comfort, but for the good of the planet.

To stay away from those who harm the environment. To turn to plastic-free, non-toxic alternatives.

Rather than artificial, packaged; to use herbal, natural and organic.

To succeed in staying in goodness, even if evil hurts.

Not to say 'bit for tit'.

To offer the beauty whatever she can for change.

To continue your support not only in times of disaster, but throughout your life.

To find your problem. Whatever hurts the most, to do something in that area now.

Just to stop whining and take charge. To immerse yourself in the sack a little.

Not caring about what other people say.

To stand up for their own truth.

To reach beauty by ignoring those who think that they have turned the corner in the short way.

To be where you want, deservedly, with peace of mind.

To believe in being a "good person" regardless of religion, language, race or anything.

Just work hard for it, live it to the fullest.

Wolf, bird, tree, soil… To sow good for all of us.

Always remembering and reminding the saying "Where there is life, there is hope".

To say goodbye with lots of "I wish" instead of "I wish" when leaving this world.

Are you in?

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