How to turn the winters of our lives into summer: 6 inspiring tips

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This is life. We all go through difficult times from time to time. So how can we turn the winters in our lives into opportunities? Yes, just as life has four seasons, we also have winters and summers in our lives. Sometimes we live in summer and our hearts are warming up. We are filled with energy. We're having a laugh. Sometimes the cold of winter hurts his body. It freezes. It immobilizes.


After all, our lives may not always be full of love, joy and peace. Of course, we can all get sick from time to time, worry, have financial difficulties, face angry situations, lose a loved one or leave our lives.


What are the most important things to do in such a situation?

1. To be in harmony with the moment.


At first we are in for a shock. So, for example, we had a shock just like the arrival of this virus. Because we all had plans, programs, things we wanted to do, goals for the month of April, and everything suddenly stopped. It was either delayed, canceled or turned into something else. But people in harmony knew that this situation would pass and focused on what they could do with the existing conditions. So, when you face such a situation, that is, when a winter comes into your life, you first experience the pain, anger, whatever that shock, then shake it off and say, “Yes, what can I do with my existing conditions? What are the benefits of this situation for me? Or what could it be?” you have to ask. This winter will pass. Of course, spring will come, summer will come. On top of that, we need to enter a process of adaptation. The word that brought me back to me was “Shuffle”. Yes, shake it off and see what you can do with your current circumstances.

2. Hope and good thinking.


Hope and good thinking always have a very important place in your life. It is very important to think well and to make good affirmations. Especially when there is so much chaos and anxiety in life and such bad scenarios are being written, it is very important to think a little better. Of course, this does not mean not taking responsibility. But it is very important to think constructively, to take action and to take responsibility in this process.

3. To accept what is and surrender.


So now, as humanity, unfortunately, we take in the things that are loving, beautiful and good for us, and when we encounter a situation that we don't like, we go on the path of pushing it. That's why we can't accept it. In order to be free from an emotion, it is first necessary to accept it, see the benefit or harm it does to you, and plan accordingly and proceed in a way. So while stopping works sometimes, it's always helpful to stop and take action. Because everything in life, in the universe, is in motion. In other words, the sun rises every day, the organs in our body are working every moment, our heart is beating every moment. We are breathing all the time. That's why stopping is not a solution, even if it works for a certain period of time. It is very important to accept the situation and act accordingly. Again, I say, in order to be free from an emotion or a thought, it is necessary to accept it first and look at what it is trying to show us.

4. Not to hold on.

 For one thing, we are not our emotions. We are not our thoughts. So when an emotion comes, yes, we need to let it come and go. We are not supposed to identify with an emotion. Yeah, we're pissed, okay, look here. What is making you angry here? Yes, look here and then let it go. So first acknowledge an emotion, see what it shows you, and then please release it. Because not holding on is a kind of liberation. If you want to be full of anger all the time, hold on. But if you want to open up, create a loving space, then look at what angers you, shine a light on it, then go through it.

5. “What can I do?” focus on the problem.

 What can I do in the existing process? For example, our job is a little more contact. Taking the breath or directing the breath, touching, healing, but for example, what did we do in this process? We decided to move our work to the online platform. Maybe we will go back to our old days again. However, if this process requires online work, it is necessary to concentrate on online work. Or whatever your business is, it is necessary to move it a little more online, maybe advertise or renew the website. In other words, it is necessary to become a little stronger in the digital environment. This is what to do right now.

6. Seeing life as a whole.

No matter what happens in life, if you are faced with a negative situation or experience, it definitely has benefits for you. If something very good happens, it definitely has a price. It is very important to look at life as a whole, as a balance. So again, it is not possible to be loving, cheerful and peaceful all the time. We have human values. That's why, as I said, every emotion, every thought, every experience has its benefits and costs. It is really very important to see life as a whole. The most important thing is to set goals. And it is very sacred to know that everything in life has a reason, that everything, every event, every person, every situation in life has a return for us. Every challenge is a tool for us to return to our essence, to see our potential.


Love. Love is the cure for everything. “The wounds of hate cannot be healed with hate. The only power that can heal the wounds in the soul is love, and this is the most basic rule of the universe we live in."

With love.

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