Deep Rooted Mistakes | Idea: Giving Up (STRANGE PHILOSOPHY) #experiment

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The things i like to say to people who talks to me are something like "don't say that you know something" or "just avoid conclusions and beliefs"... Sometimes I add "please" to.

Because... If you really want to know why, I usually say "you aren't competent or qualified to say that you know something for sure, so"... Probably with"please" in this case... "So, please... Just stick to the possibilities".

You can't keep someone safe #because you can't... so don't say you are going to keep someone safe #because it's a lie or manipulation... Simple.

Okay, let's start

What about being dangerous?

One famous philosophical man who's teacher (I think) said that men should be dangerous and that theory opened few options or possibilities to unlock another level or conquer new territories in this field.

It's our nature, by the way... We must be strong, capable and ready as much as possible because whole nature around the globe is doing it whole time.

Cats and other animals learn to hunt and fight, or... be dangerous enough to survive. Tree is growing it's roots and leafs to stay on the ground during winds, hot and cold times, etc.

Is it different for us, humans?

Why we are not in the harmony of nature?

I found one more guy today who's doing strange philosophy who claims that we are not using our full potential or power because we have a choice... Imagine that!

Animals work whole their lives strictly on surviving skills improvement and tree's grow whole time until it's time stops and they start getting old. Only we give up whenever we want.

It's wrong, right?

Who gave us an idea that we can give up when we are doing something?

I don't know but I would predict that it's someone from the school teacher's team by order from the school's director... Or, it's someone from one of the content maker on the internet.

Like I said, I don't know so i won't talk about it... Fair enough?! Okay, let's continue.


Giving up is a deep rooted mistake... Those types of mistakes are situations where we almost never expect a problem such as doing daily things like going to bathroom in the morning or changing rooms or places.

Every step we do is important and by that every step we make can be right or wrong. Each of these steps can change our life once forever... In a way where whe never continue our path again and go in another, unknown direction.

Stay focused...

Be careful!

Your favorite human sample,


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