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Splinterlands: My card collection optimization

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1 month ago

Cover Image: Logo and Card images owned by Splinterlands - Edit by @libertycrypto27- Font used is Open Source

Today I want to share my activity of optimizing my card collection.

To optimize my card collection:

- I sell the cards that are not very useful in battle and that are in low demand on the rental market

- I buy cards that are useful in battle

The usefulness in battle

The battle usefulness of a card is not the same for all players, a card useful for me could be not so useful for another player and vice versa.

This difference in evaluation depends on several factors:

- the level and the skill of the summoner card with which a card is used

- the level and the skill(s) of the card.

Take for example the Tortisian Chief card of level 1 which is a neutral card and can be used with all summoners.

In the leagues I play in, Gold league and Diamond league, Tortisian Chief level 1 is a card that is not very useful in battle because it has:

- only one magic attack point

- two speed points

- a mana cost of 5 points.

### <center>The importance of summoner type cards</center>

If I use Tortisian Chief with a summoner that doesn't improve its battle stats, I won't have an advantage in battle because the card's stats remain unchanged.

If I have a level 4 Daria Dragonscale Summoner, I will most likely not use a level 1 Tortisian Chief, but I will prefer to use a card with a melee attack, even if it has only one point of melee attack that will be increased by one unit (1->2).

If instead of Daria Dragonscale I have a summoner like Alric Stormbringer level 1 in my card collection, the Tortisian Chief level 1 card increases its usefulness in battle because it gains an additional magic attack point (1->2).

If I have Alric Stormbringer of level 5 and I have upgraded Tortisian Chief to level 4 Tortisian Chief's battle utility increases considerably because:

- it gains 1 additional magic attack point thanks to the Alric Stormbringer skill

- acquires the Tank Heal ability that allows the card in the first position to recover a portion of life points each round of the battle.

The example above shows the importance of the summoner type cards a player has in their card collection that determine each player's buying and selling strategy.

Today I looked at my card collection and decided to sell some cards and below I will explain the reasons that made me make this decision.

The Magma Troll card

In my card collection I have 11 Magma Troll cards of level 1.

As you can see from the image below, some of my cards have been rented from other players from which I get a daily income of 0.1 DEC tokens per card.

The lowest price on the sale market is $0.69 (Magma Troll level 1)

The lowest price for BCX is 0.55$ - Magma Troll level 2 (combination of 8 level 1 cards).

The reasons for my sale

The reasons I decided to sell all of the Magma Troll cards in my possession are as follows:

Reason #1: I have cards in my card collection that are stronger and more useful in battle than the level 1 Magma Troll card.

Magma Troll is a card that can only attack from the top two positions.

In the following image you can see the alternatives I have available in my collection that play much better than level 1 Magma Troll in many battles.

Reason number 2: It's better to buy other cards instead of upgrading Magma Troll

Before I decided to sell my cards I also considered the possibility of upgrading Magma Troll.

Magma Troll becomes a more useful card in battle when it reaches level 4 (combination of 30 level 1 cards) because:

- it gains an additional attack point (1->2)

- increases his speed compared to level 1 by one unit (2->3)

- increase his health points by one unit (3->4)

But even Magma Troll level 4 does not compete with other cards that are more useful in battle and also cost less.

In fact in the following image there are 4 alternatives that cost less and except Grumpy Dwarf, the other cards can attack from all positions unlike Magma Troll which can only attack from the first two positions (except for special battle rules).

Reason #3: The gain obtainable from renting is low.

Magma Troll level 1 is not a very popular card in the rental market and can be rented for 0.1 - 0.09 DEC tokens.

At the time of writing this post I have 3 Magma Troll cards rented to other players.

One rented Magma Troll card gives me an income of 0.100 DEC tokens with a corresponding dollar value of $0.0013.

Any passive income is good income but in this case I prefer to sell the Magma Troll cards in my possession to buy cards that I could use in battle or cards that have higher rental demands than Magma Troll.

Section Market site of Splinterlands VS Peakmonsters

For the sale of my Magma Troll cards I have used the My Cards section of the Peakmonsters site ( which allows to speed up a lot the operation of selling groups of cards compared to the Splinterlands site.

Inside the section My Cards I have inserted in the sub-section filters the initial part of the name and the level of the card to sell.

Then I selected the cards to sell (first column of the following image).

Then I clicked on the symbol at the top right indicated by arrow number 1 in the following image and then clicked on SELL as indicated by arrow number 2 in the following image.

On the next screen:

- I selected the Relative (+/- Perc) option - Arrow number 1 in the following image

- I selected the Low Buy Price option - Arrow number 2 in the following image

- I have inserted the -0.5% value

asically I chose to sell my level 1 Magma Troll cards at a price 0.5% lower than the lowest purchase price on the market.

Then I pressed the REVIEW button.

On the next screen I clicked on CONFIRM as indicated by the arrow in the following image.

Now I just have to wait for my cards to be purchased.

If after 3 days my cards have not been purchased I will lower the sale price.

With the earnings from the sale of the cards I will immediately buy other cards


On October 18, the pre-sale of the new Chaos Legion card collection will begin and on November 17, card packs can be opened.

So many new cards will arrive in Splinterlands battlefields and they could bring down the price of the less useful cards in battle, so for that date I will try to sell all the cards I don't use in battle except the cards that could gain more value in the future such as gold cards.

I hope you liked this post and thank you for taking the time to read it :)

Are you not a Splinterlands player?

Splinterlands is a beautiful game and it has proved to be a very good investment (at least until now) and if you regularly participate to the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recover the registration cost (10$) in a short time.

If you decide to register, you can do it from this link:

of course if you'd like to use my refferal link... :)

Any game that involves the purchase of cards and tokens is never a simple game but it is also an investment and should be considered as such.

I am not a financial consultant and if you decide to invest in the game of Splinterlands you do it for your own choice, after having made your personal evaluations and considered all possible risk factors.

My advice is to always invest only what you can afford to lose with a light heart.

See you on the battlefields of Splinterlands.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:

Images containing calculations and formulas are my property

The font used in my images or edited by me is Open Source

Splinterlands ON!

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Written by   34
1 month ago
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