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Splinterlands: How to Buy Cards From Monster Market - Step by Step Guide

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Cover Image: Logo owned by @monstermarket - Edit by @libertycrypto27- Font used is Open Source

Monster Market and the optimization of my card collection

My activity of optimizing my Splinterlands card collection consists of:

- sell the cards I don't use in battle

- buy cards useful in battle.

Yesterday I put 62 level 1 Barking Spider cards up for sale for the following reasons:

- Barking Spider level 1 is an unuseful card in battle because it has only one point of attack from a distance. Barking Spider increases its usefulness and strength in battle only when it reaches level 4 (combination of 30 level 1 cards).

- I have 2 level 4 Barking Spider in my card collection that I have made available for rental.

- Barking Spider level 1 has very few rental requests.

I tried to rent my 62 level 1 cards but rented few while I rented my level 4 Barking Spider cards fairly easily.

- I have earth element cards in my card collection that are much stronger than Barking Spider and I don't have summoners that can increase the attack points of cards with ranged attack like Barking Spider.

Of the 62 cards I put up for sale yesterday, I have already sold 38 cards at $0.368 each and I still have 24 level 1 Barking Spider cards left to sell.

I used the profit I made from selling the Barking Spider cards to purchase some cards that, combined, will allow me to upgrade and add an ability to an earth element card I have in my card collection: Orc Sergent.

My latest purchase also gives me a chance to introduce the Monster Market site to new players and those who have never used it.

Personally, I always prefer third-party marketplaces for selling, renting, and buying Splinterlands cards.

For selling, renting, and BID offers I use the Peakmonsters site (

For immediately purchasing cards for sale in the Splinterlands marketplace my choice is always the Monster Market site:

Monster Market

Monster Market is a third-party marketplace that provides Splinterlands players with a great alternative to buying cards from the Market section of the Splinterlands site.

Splinterlands Site Market VS Monster Market

Monster Market offers more features and benefits than the Splinterlands Market.

3% Cash Back

The big advantage offered by Monster Market to its users is the cash back of 3% on the purchase of Splinterlands cards.

Those who purchase cards from the Market section of the Splinterlands website do not receive any kind of cash back.

+ Filters = - Time to purchase

In the Market section of Splinterlands website there are some filters to narrow and optimize the research of the cards to buy (following image).

Monster Market offers a higher number of search filters than the Splinterlands site.

On Monster Market you can:

- search cards by name or by ability

- order cards according to 7 different values.

How to buy cards from MonsterMarket

With the proceeds from the sale of the 38 Barking Spider cards I decided to buy 65 level 1 Orc Sergent cards from Monster Market.

In my card collection I have one level 3 Orc Sergent card (23 BCX).

My goal is to upgrade the Org Sergent card to level 6 because it gains the Inspire ability (+ 1 point of melee attack to all cards with melee attack deployed in battle).

Orc Sergent level 3 is a card not very useful in battle and especially in the leagues where I play (Gold I - Diamond) while it becomes very useful when it reaches level 6.

Now I show you the steps that I followed to purchase 65 Org Sergent cards from the site Monster Market.

Step by step guide

Step 1: To purchase from the Monster Market site, the first step is to Login.

To log in, you will need to install Hive Keychain (

Hive Keychain is a very useful tool that allows you to securely access the Hive blockchain.

It is my preferred method of access.

It's an extension available for the following browsers:

- Brave or Chrome ([Link](

- Firefox ([Link](

Step 2: After logging in I entered part of the Orc Sergent card name in the "Search" field and then clicked on the image of the Regular (Non Gold) version of the card.

Step 3: On the next screen, I clicked on the + symbol to choose the cards to purchase and then clicked on the x in the upper right corner.

Step 4: I confirmed the purchase inside the Your Cart section (top left corner of the Home Page)

Step 5: I confirmed the operation also on my Hive Keychain.

Purchase made! Easy right?

After a few seconds I received my cash back in my wallet on Hive Engine ( 117,586 DEC tokens

The other sections of Monster Market website

The Monster Market home page is where you can buy Splinterlands cards from.

There are also other sections on Monster Market that offer other features.

Section SHOP

From the SHOP section you can purchase packs of Splinterlands cards.

Note: at the moment there are no packs of cards available for purchase but in the future it will surely be possible to buy packs of cards of the Chaos Legion collection.


From the CREDITS section you can buy credits and DEC tokens.

TeamShare section

From the TeamShare section it is possible to entrust the game management of a collection of cards to another player.

At the time of writing this post there are no accounts available.

TOOLS section

Inside the TOOLS section there are several useful tools.

For example the Market History tool produces a screen with all the transactions made in chronological order.

As you can see from the following image the first two transactions are just the Orc Sergent cards I purchased using Monster Market.

Clicking on the DISCORD section you are directed to the Discord channel of Monster Market (

When I want to buy Splinterlands cards the Monster Market site is my first choice because in addition to being a functional and well built site it is also the only marketplace that offers cash back on card purchases.

I hope you liked this post and thank you for taking the time to read it :)

Are you not a Splinterlands player?

Splinterlands is a beautiful game and it has proved to be a very good investment (at least until now) and if you regularly participate to the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recover the registration cost (10$) in a short time.

If you decide to register, you can do it from this link:

of course if you'd like to use my refferal link... :)

Any game that involves the purchase of cards and tokens is never a simple game but it is also an investment and should be considered as such.

I am not a financial consultant and if you decide to invest in the game of Splinterlands you do it for your own choice, after having made your personal evaluations and considered all possible risk factors.

My advice is to always invest only what you can afford to lose with a light heart.

See you on the battlefields of Splinterlands.

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Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:

Images containing calculations and formulas are my property

The font used in my images or edited by me is Open Source

Splinterlands ON!

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