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RECORD STAKING: an interesting new use case for STARBITS tokens (ENG/ITA)

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6 months ago

Logo Rising Star owned by Rising Star - Font used is Open Source - Edit by @libertycrypto27

Rising Star is one of my favourite blockchain-based games.

Those of you who read my posts on Rising Star know that my main goal in the game is to become a millionaire (1 million STARBITS tokens).

Four days ago I had more than 508000 STARBITS in my in-game wallet.

Today, I only have 505 STARBITS in my wallet!

What happened?

Did I stop my race to the million STARBITS goal?

Did I decide to sell all my STARBITS tokens?

Absolutely NOT!

I just moved all my STARBITS tokens from the in-game Wallet to the new Rising Star section called Record Staking.

I simply staked all of my STARBITS tokens to earn more STARBITS tokens.

Record Staking is therefore a new use case for STARBITS tokens that allows for passive income and gives players an incentive not to sell their tokens.

In order to use the Record Staking section of Rising Star, you must have more than 1000 STARBITS tokens.

In fact, it is possible to stack blocks of 1000 STARBITS (1000 - 2000 - ... - 10000 - ...).

I really like this new use case for STARBITS tokens, and now I'll show you how easy it is to stack STARBITS tokens and use the Record Staking section of Rising Star.

A new option has been added to the Cards menu: Record Staking.

To access the screen that will allow you to stack your STARBITS tokens, simply make two clicks as indicated by the arrows in the next image.

After you click on Record Staking, the page will open: Rising Star Angels Dashboard

In the Record column there is a list of NFTs of music tracks with the name of the musician and the song title.

For example, in the first column of the first row is the NFT of the Billy Korg song whose title is Kali

In the second column you can see the amount of STARBITS staked.

For example, I have staked 75000 STARBITS on this song.

The Unstake button is used to take the STARBITS tokens and transfer them back to the in-game wallet.

The Unstake operation takes 72 hours to complete, and STARBITS tokens in the Unstaking state do not generate passive income during this time.

The Stake 1000 button is used to increase the amount of STARBITS tokens staked in blocks of 1000 STARBITS.

The following columns show:

- Share Of Pool: The percentage of profit on the STARBITS pool.

- STARBITS Earned: The amount of STARBITS already earned and received on the in-game wallet.

- STARBITS Pool: The total amount of STARBITS to be shared among the Stakers.

- NFTs Remaining: The number of NFTs not yet sold.

In the last column is the View Sales button.

By clicking on the View Sales button you can view all the information about the NFTs sold.

In the upper right corner is the My Earnings button, which takes you to a page containing a list of individual payments received and the total STARBITS tokens earned.

My experience with record staking

I started my record staking activity four days ago and have staked a total of 558000 STARBITS tokens.

As you can see from the next image, in 4 days of staking I earned 16832 STARBITS.


When a use case is added to a token, the token becomes more useful and has more potential to increase its value.

I really like the staking of STARBITS tokens and I will continue staking my STARBITS tokens because this action will allow me to accelerate the achievement of my main goal: one million STARBITS.

I have earned 16832 STARBITS in four days, which is a very good result.

Basically, I have earned 3.01% on the amount of tokens I have staked.

Note: the gain will not be constant and can be more or less in the future because it will depend on the number of NFTs created and sold by musicians on Rising Star.

In fact every time an NFT is sold 20000 STARBITS are divided among the stakers in proportion to the amount of STARBITS tokens that each staker has staked.

Rising Star is a beautiful, fun and ever-evolving game and I am definitely a happy Rising Star player :)

Rock ON

Thank you for reading and if you like, follow me to read my future posts on Rising Star ;)

You are not a Rising Star player?

If this is the first time you've heard of Rising Star I'll tell you in brief what it is.

Rising Star is a fun and easy to play game.

The purposes of the game is to create a music band and become a music star.

Rising Star is a game that I have classified as "No Risk" because it does not require any kind of initial investment!

- Requirements: You must have an account Hive

If you don't have a Hive account you can create it easily and in a few steps.

I wrote a short tutorial where I explain how to do it:

- Login mode: only Hive Keychain.

- Hive Keychain for Brave or Chrome (

- Hive Keychain for Firefox (

Want to know 6 reasons why you should play Rising Star?

Read the following post:

Rising Star is a game that I recommend to everyone!

If you decide to register at Rising Star, you can do it from this link:

of course only if you like to use my refferal link... :)

otherwise you can freely use the link without refferal:

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the game's website Rising Star

Font used in my images is Open Source

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Written by   34
6 months ago
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