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How to sell Splinterlands cards from the Peakmonsters marketplace (quickly and easily)

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1 month ago

Cover Image: Logo owned by Peakmonsters - Edit by @libertycrypto27- Font used is Open Source

Today I want to share my activity of optimizing my card collection which consists in selling the cards I don't use in battle to buy useful cards in battle.

At the same time I want to show how to sell a group of cards using the useful Peakmonsters site (

My card collection consists of a total of 1788 cards.

I have many cards in my card collection that I never use or rarely use.

The first option I consider for cards that I don't use in battle is renting.

If renting doesn't give me a good return then the only option I consider is selling.

Among the cards I don't use in battle is the Barking Spider card.

Barking Spider is a card that is part of the Reward collection and is available in two versions: Regular and Gold.

It is a Common card and is a card of the Earth element.

Barking Spider of level 1 is not very useful in battle because it has only one point of attack from a distance.

Barking Spider when it reaches level 4 (combination of 30 level 1 cards) increases its usefulness because compared to level 1:

- it acquires one more attack point (1->2)

- acquires one more speed point (2->3)

- acquires one more life point (5->6)

This is a card that plays well in the Silver leagues of Splinterlands and is especially useful when the battle rule is "Little League".

In the leagues where I play (Gold I and Diamond III leagues) Barking Spider is not very useful for me because I have cards that have much better battle characteristics than Barking Spider such as Goblin Thief level 4, Child of the Forest level 3, Javelin Thrower level 4 and Magi of the Forest level 3.

In my card collection I have:

- 2 level 4 Barking Spider cards

- 62 level 1 Barking Spider cards

I have decided to sell the 62 level 1 Barking Spider cards in my possession.

Splinterlands Marketplace VS Peakmonsters marketplace

For the operation of putting on sale I used the useful site of Peakmonsters that facilitates and speeds up the operation of sale.

I strongly recommend to use Peakmonsters to rent and sell your cards because the many filters on the site allow you to save a lot of time.

In fact, if I chose to sell my 62 cards from the Splinterlands site, I would have had to repeat the same operation 62 times = (3 clicks + insert sale price) multiplied by 62 times!

Thanks to the Peakmonsters website, the operation is much easier and faster.

In the last two months many new players have joined the game of Splinterlands and for this reason I want to show the steps that I have done to sell 62 cards from the Peakmonsters site in order to be useful to those who do not yet know this very useful site.

How to sell groups of cards from Peakmonsters

After logging in I clicked on the My Cards section of the Peakmonsters site.

Within the My Cards section there are many filters to choose from that allow you to narrow down and speed up the search for the cards you want.

In my case it was enough to insert part of the name of the Barking Spider card with the indication of level 1.

Then I clicked on the first symbol at the top left (Select All) to select all 62 level 1 Barking Spider cards with a single click.

Then I clicked on the symbol in the upper right corner indicated by arrow number 1 in the following image and then clicked on SELL as indicated by arrow number 2 in the following image.

Note: if you have cards delegated to other players or made available for rental you must first remove the delegation or rental otherwise the SELL button will not be clickable.

In the next screen I chose to put all 62 cards up for sale at a sale price 0.5% lower than the lowest price per BCX on the market.

Next, I clicked REVIEW.

In the next screen I confirmed the sale transaction by clicking on CONFIRM.

Then I confirmed the operation also on my Hive Keychain.

As you can see from the image below all of my level 1 Barking Spider cards have been put up for sale at the lowest level 1 relative selling price on the Splinterlands marketplace.

Easy right?

I hope you liked this post and thank you for taking the time to read it :)

Are you not a Splinterlands player?

Splinterlands is a beautiful game and it has proved to be a very good investment (at least until now) and if you regularly participate to the weekly contests organized by the @splinterlands account you will recover the registration cost (10$) in a short time.

If you decide to register, you can do it from this link:

of course if you'd like to use my refferal link... :)

Any game that involves the purchase of cards and tokens is never a simple game but it is also an investment and should be considered as such.

I am not a financial consultant and if you decide to invest in the game of Splinterlands you do it for your own choice, after having made your personal evaluations and considered all possible risk factors.

My advice is to always invest only what you can afford to lose with a light heart.

See you on the battlefields of Splinterlands.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:

Images containing calculations and formulas are my property

The font used in my images or edited by me is Open Source

Splinterlands ON!

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Written by   33
1 month ago
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