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DCROPS: The Quests have arrived! + My Financial Report

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Cover Image: Logo image owned by @dcrops - Edit by @libertycrypto27 - Font used is Open Source

Dcrops is one of the latest games created and developed on Hive's blockchain (May 2021).

Dcrops is a farming game that is simple to play and also requires little time to play.

Dcrops players play the role of agricultural entrepreneurs:

- buy land

- plant seeds in the land

- wait for the seeds to produce plants and agricultural products

- harvest and sell the resulting agricultural products.

Dcrops is not a free game and in order to play and produce agricultural products you need to buy two types of cards:

- the Land cards

- the Seed cards

Land and Seed cards are the NFT of the Dcrops game and can be of four different types:

- Common

- Rare

- Epic

- Legendary

Each Land card has a number of plots depending on the rarity type of the card.

A Legendary Land has 4 available plots where 4 seed cards can be used at the same time.

The number of available plots decreases by one as the rarity of the Land card decreases.

Seed cards have different characteristics:

- production time

- production quantity

- selling price (Shares points)

- special abilities (epic and legendary cards).

In the following image you can see all the Seed cards (Alpha edition) present in the game of Dcrops.

important note:

- Land cards can be used at all times (in all seasons of the game).

- Seed cards can only be used in a certain season of the game (every 15 days).

Tips for my friend @pousinha and for all new Dcrops players:

Before buying a Seed card from the Dcrops marketplace:

- make sure it is usable in the current season

- in case the season has already started a few days ago, make sure there is enough time for the seed card to produce its fruits before the end of the season.

Quests have arrived!

In the game of Dcrops the time is marked by seasons which have a duration of 15 days.

I started playing and investing in the game of Dcrops during the second season which ended shortly before mid-June 2021.

Since that day, new features were gradually introduced into the game.

At first, the only reward mechanism for Dcrops players was the Leaderboards which distributes rewards in terms of CROP tokens (the native tokens of the Dcrops game) every 15 days.

Later, the CROP POWER mechanism was introduced and a new leaderboard was introduced: Holding Rewards.

The Holding Rewards ranking distributes daily rewards in terms of HIVE tokens.

The big news that has been introduced with the just started season (winter) is the introduction of the third reward mechanism of the Dcrops game: Quests.

You can read all the details about the Quests in the latest post published by the @dcrops account:


My Quests

To view the Quests you need to click on Quests and then click on "Create Quests" within the Play section of the Dcrops game.

In the following image are the Quests that I must complete if I want to receive chests that contain a total of 10 in-game rewards (NFT).

There are some quests that I can complete easily like the quest in the following image because I already have the seed cards I need and just need to plant them.

In fact, after planting two Cabbage seed cards...

...I completed my first quest

To receive the chests I must complete all 10 quests and I have 15 days available.

If I can't complete a quest I can click on the "Reroll" button and request a new quest that costs 10 CROP tokens.

In this season I will try to complete all the quests that have been assigned to me and the topic of my next post on Dcrops will be just the evaluation of the quests and the convenience of completing them or not ...

My end of season report

In the game of Dcrops there are two reward mechanisms:

- Leaderboard

- Holding Rewards

The Leaderboard rewards players based on game activity.

There is a Reward Pool consisting of a certain amount of CROP tokens (the game's native tokens) that is divided among all players based on their seasonal farm production.

The Holding Rewards section is a leaderboard that rewards players based on the type and amount of game assets they own.

My Autumn Rewards

During the fall season, I used a total of 66 NFT:

- 18 LAND cards

- 48 SEED cards

I sold all of the farm produce I harvested during the fall season and got a total of 739 Shares points.

Thanks to the Shares points and my placement on the game's Leaderboard, I earned a reward of 650 CROP tokens.

Today October 11, 2021 the value of 1 CROP token is 0.00375 HIVE (Highest BID on Hive Engine:

CROP tokens have gained value since the end of the previous season of Dcrops (0.00182 HIVE).

Based on the current value of the CROP tokens the value of my end of season reward is 2.4375 HIVE.

Thanks to the game assets I own I have a CROP POWER score of 41812 points.

The requirement to receive rewards from the Holding Rewards leaderboard is to exceed a CROP POWER score of 20000.

The rewards are daily and are in HIVE tokens.

I passed the CROP POWER score of 20000 points 16 days ago and so far I have received a total reward from the Holding Rewards leaderboard of 1,956 HIVE

If you want to know what the CROP power is and how it is calculated you can read the following post:

My investment on Dcrops

To date, I have invested in the game of Dcrops 156.56 HIVE:

- 66.18 HIVE: for the purchase of 34 packs of alpha cards (14 opened and 20 to be opened)

- 90.388 HIVE for purchasing cards from the Market section of Dcrops.

If I only consider rewards earned in the season just ended (fall) my seasonal ROI is 2.80%.

A gain (ROI) of 2.806% in 15 days equates to an estimated annual gain of just over 67.35%.

The estimated ROI value I calculated above increased almost twice as much as the value I had calculated and recorded in my previous seasonal report: 36%.

Obviously the ROI I calculated above is an estimated value because it will vary based on:

- the future value of the CROP tokens

- the future value of HIVE tokens

- the amount of points Shares produced by me in a year compared to the amount of points Shares produced by other players / investors on Dcrops.

- to the future value of my CROP POWER score in relation to the CROP POWER score of the other players.

The break-even point

In all investments it is important to calculate the break-even point which is the point where the difference between the costs incurred and the revenues obtained is equal to 0.

In my strategy in Farming games like Dcrops, when calculating the break-even point I only consider as revenues the rewards obtained and not reinvested and I don't consider the value of the assets I own.

I do not consider the value of all the assets of the game because I want to have an additional margin of safety in relation to the risk factor that can have a farming game.

In this way when I reach the break-even point I will not have any risk associated with the investment and if I decide to leave the game, in all probability, I can make a nice profit even in the worst case.

Until now I have invested 157 HIVE in the game of Dcrops but I still have to invest because I have set an investment budget of 200 HIVE and then I could buy other assets of the game but I will not do it for the moment.

I've put in "stand by" all my investments in the blockchain based games I play because I'm saving to invest in the purchase of the card packs of the new Splinterlands collection.

With the rewards I've received in the last 15 days on Dcrops I've shortened the distance from the break-even point but I'm still far from reaching it.

On my in-game wallet I have a total of 1885 CROP tokens whose value is 7.06 HIVE.

If I add to this value the total amount of HIVE tokens that I received from Holding Rewards I get a total value of 9,016 HIVE (total rewards not reinvested in the game).

With an investment of 156.57 HIVE I still have to receive rewards worth 147.56 HIVE to reach the break-even point.

Are you a new Dcrops player?

If you are a new Dcrops player you can read a post I wrote earlier where you will find:

- some advices for new players

- the explanation of some mechanisms of the game

- my purchase strategy related to the cards of the game.



I hope you liked this report and if you like it, follow me to read my future posts and reports on Dcrops ;)

Important Note:

Dcrops more than a game is an investment and mainly as such should be considered.

In every kind of investment there is always a risk factor to evaluate and consider.

I am not a financial advisor and my post does not want to be in any way an invitation to invest on Dcrops but it is just the analysis and sharing of my personal investment on Dcrops on September 27, 2021.

My advice is to always invest only what you can afford to lose with a light heart!

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the sites:

The font used in the images related to the calculations and in the images edited by me is Open Source

Follow me also on:





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