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When Death Fell in Love to Life: II

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11 months ago
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After 1 month, those in my rows became friends, in all group activities that the professor gave, we're together. It's Saturday and it's our vacant day, I thought to go to the mall to buy a new book since I already finish the last novel that I have. I pack up my things and money and went to the terminal of the jeepney. While inside the jeep I wear my earphones then listen to music, after 15 minutes we reach the destination and everyone is got off on the jeep.

I'm at the entrance of the mall, it's nice to see this beautiful mall because our company owns it, I have also a special card that anything I bought is free that's why no matter how expensive I spend it's still free, but I don't want to use that card since mall cashier will recognize me. It's a special card for Alvarez Family.

At the distance, I notice that there's a person that's familiar in my eyes, oh my it's Lhaine, I would have avoided her but she already noticed me, she was approaching me, then here we go again, the time slowed, she is the only person I can see. I can't deny that she was very beautiful and a perfect girl. Her cerulean-almond eyes are looking at me, her soft lips attract me to kiss it and her face as beautiful as a rose.

The truth is this feeling is not what I feel in other girls but it's different for Lhaine, his aura is also familiar to me like we met in the past but I didn't understand. I came back to reality when she talks to me.

"David, why are you here? Is this the meeting place of your girlfriend?" then laugh

"N-No, there something I want to buy"

A silence form between us, its very awkward to talk to her since we're not very close, Hannah and Samantha is her very close friends. To avoid this awkwardness, I ask her if why she's here.

"I'm looking for a new release book, I want to look for its price so that I can start to save money for it"

" I'm also searching for a new novel, are you going to Bookstore? let's go together?"

I don't know where did I get that courage to ask her, it's like my lip talks itself. I didn't expect that she will come with me then we look for near the bookstore and start to browse.

I saw a familiar book that the same book Lhaine is reading on the first day, I try to look what's its content and it makes me laugh. Lhaine approaches me then I show to her the book.

"Are you looking for this?"

It's obvious on her face that he was surprised and feel ashamed.

"N-No, I was looking for other books"

"Haha I know you're looking for it, it is the new release? I saw you on the first day that your reading it's part 20, so tell me how many books do you have now and finished reading?"

(Shamefaced)" All of them, are you happy now?"

Then she turns back now, I know she likes to get that book but she pretends to return it on the bookshelf. I get that book then walk around the store looking for a new novel. Then I noticed a book which had a mysterious title.

*In mind*

"When Death Fell I love to life?"

My hand is approaching that book when I noticed that there's a girl which want that book too.

"Did you like the book too, Lhaine?"

"Hmmm, no I don't like it you can take it"

She attempts to turn back again but this time I stopped her.

"We can share this book if you want? Can you tell me why you like this book?"

"Its title makes me interested and I think that novel has something to say to me, but I have no enough money to buy it, did you see the price?"

When I look for the price, it makes me surprise how expensive this book is, I like this book and Lhaine also want it that's why I pick it up. I notice that Lhaine roam again around the store and she came back to the shelf where she looking for the book that I got. I suddenly smile then approach her.

(Raise the book)"Are you looking for this?, I know this is the book your searching for don't worry, every one of us hides a secret and your secret is safe to me (Wink)".

Then she turns back again, I don't know what she felt I just want to tease her. She goes to the counter to pay for the book she got, I've also fall in line next to her. After I pay the books, I approach close to her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just want to say that it's not bad to read those type of books, btw here's the book, I bought it for you. I know you want it"

There's no reply from her, she received the book without a single word comes from her lips, I smile at her and ask her.

"(Smile) Are you hungry? Common let's eat it's my treat."

"No I'm fine, I'm still full, thanks"

(Stomach rumbled)

"Haha I think your stomach says you not, don't worry it's my treat and all free"

It takes a long conversation before I convince her, it's really hard to convince this girl. We went to a near Korean restaurant and I order lots of food.

"Btw David why you chose this restaurant?"

"Because you loved the stuff about Koreans, that's why this restaurant might bring you to Korea"

After I say that she has no response again, I look at her but she averted her gaze. I can't understand this girl is she abnormal? The silence was broken when our order came, I pick the food I want then I'll give the rest to her.

(Surprised)"Hey! I can't eat all of these, why you ordered a lot of foods then give it to me?"

(Smile)"I just want to make sure that you'll be satisfied with the food"

I don't know but she averted her gaze again and look at the food, am I making her mad again?.

"Hey, David? Do we have money to pay all of these?"

While saying those words, she was looking at the food and I know she is hungry and want to eat.

"Oh no I forgot I have no money left because I used it to pay for those books"

(Surprised) "WHATTTTTTTT!!!!"

"Hahaha lower your voice, don't worry I have enough money to pay all of these (wink)."

I saw her sigh deeply then starts to eat, I stare at her while eating, I can't believe that she was ready for food, it makes me smile whenever I look at her while eating. I don't know but it's the first time that I've become comfortable with one girl, I've been hangout with other girls but the feeling when I'm with Lhaine is different. I'm staring at her and when she noticed that I'm looking at her, she also looks at me badly.

After we finished the food, we take out those remaining then get out from that restaurant. I can saw happiness in face of Lhaine then it's time to go home, I felt sad because I want to enjoy more moments with this girl.

"Thanks for the treat David and this book also, (stares badly) Hey about what you found about me, if our other friends find it I will never forgive you".

" Don't worry your secret is safe to me, until the end of the world (wink)."

She didn't respond again, then she smiles and goes away, while she was getting away from me, there's a conscience in my mind saying that I need to do something to make sure that she's safe, I ran towards her then approach her.

"Oh I forgot I need also to commute, I'll come with you".

(Nodding) "Ok."

We went to the terminal of the jeep and fall in line, we wait a couple of minutes before we get a ride. I'm sitting beside Lhaine and I can feel her shoulder pressing mine, I don't know why I feel like an electric shock but I'm acting like I'm not affected. The jeep stops and Lhaine get out from the jeep, my feet walk on their own and follow Lhaine.

"Do we have the same street?"

(Thinking for Excuse) Ahmmmm...I need to pee and I can't take it anymore".

(Sigh)"Ok we have a bathroom you can use it".

She starts to walk then I follow her when we reach their house, I'm amazed at how their life simple is, I'm always dreaming of this type of life in which I have no responsibility need to do. My imagination fades when Lhaine asks me to enter.

"Welcome to our house, our bathroom is at the end."

I've followed her instructions then I get inside the house I saw a young boy, watching television. I smile at him then he shouts loud.

"Mama! Ate Lhaine brings her boyfriend here!"

Lhaine comes towards the boy then covers his mouth, then a lady comes from kitchen walks toward us.

"Who's this guy Lhaine, is he your boyfriend?"

I saw Lhaine surprised. I want to laugh at her reaction but she started at me badly then she starts to explain to her mother. After she explains, her mother welcomes me and point me in the direction of C.R. I don't know but, indeed, I'm peeing and after I finished, I saw her mother preparing juice for me and Lhaine looking at me badly just like she wants to say that I need to leave now but I stay there for a while and play with his younger brother. After I finish the juice, I ask permission from her mother to leave. Also, I look at Lhaine then smile and her reply is a poker face.

-End of Chapter 2

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Written by   13
11 months ago
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