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Different Types of Self

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4 days ago
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In my Understanding the Self subject, I learned that we have different types of Self and we encounter it on our everyday life. On myself I didn't know that my body is divided into different aspects and in every actions I'm using one type of self.

One type of Self is what we called Physical Self, its simple cause it refers to our own body, this is how we see our face, nose, mouth and other parts of our body. For me, when I hear the word physical self, it talks about how we handle our physical body. If I saw that my face is already haggard, I will wash my face to make it clean, also I make my physical body clean so that I can avoid bad comments from other people since people will look at you based on your appearance. It also involves the shape of my body, height, and proper way to maintain my body, unfortunately in reality I'm not that type of person who maintaining their physical self, since im so thin and maybe I can say I'm not good looking, but thanks to God I don't have sickness and my physical body is still healthy.

The next one is our Emotional Self, it involves our emotional behavior, the way we act on sorroundings and the way we handle our behaviors. There are different types of people in this world, there are people who have strong emotional self in which they can handle every situation they are facing.For example the person failed to pass the entrance exam to become a lawyer since he had a strong emotional behavior, he can handle the failure he experience and didn't loose hope to start again and study hard so that he can pass the exam next year. There are also people which had weak emotional self in which in a simple challenge they are already giving up, they choose to give up since they think its not worth it to fight anymore. Sometimes there are people who can't control their emotions and starts to cry if they experience failures and pain. Many people are experiencing stress and sometimes lead to depression they can't control their emotional self due to too much stress, but based on studies there are certain ways on how to cope up this types of mental illness. One of the solution to defeat stress and depression is try to interact with others, it can really helpful if the person experiencing stress will ask for advice from others, in that way the heavy feeling will lessen because you have someone to talk. In my experience the truth is I can't control my emotional self, I can say that I have weak emotional self and its easily for me to give up if I failed, im also afraid to ask for advice since I don't want to tell to others that I have problem, but the weird part of me is if I experience problems in life, I can easily think a thousand solutions and I didn't feel nervous if I'm in state of rush, but after I implement that solutions then my heart starts to beat fast and thats the time I start to feel nervous. I don't know why.

Next one is our Spiritual Self, it involves here our belief in existence of our own Gods, every people in this world had different religions and different spiritual beliefs, but in my Case im a Catholic and I believe in our God, we have holy Bible that help us to understand the work of God and how he created everything. In spiritual self, this is our self in which we pray every night before we sleep, going to church every Sunday to praise the one who created everything and thanking him for the life he gave us. In myself, eventhough im limit going to church every Sunday and attend the mass, I still praying in home and asking for forgiveness for all the sins I do and thanking him every morning for the new life he gave me to spend in valuable things.

Then our Digital Self, it is type of self in which it involves gadgets and technology, it is our desire to buy new release gadgets on the market sp that we can use it. There are lots of people who engage in their digital self since social media is a trend nowadays, social media is used to communicate to relatives abroad and far places. Also, social media unites all the people and it brings latest news around the globe. That's why many people are using social media as a way of communication, not only social media but people wants to buy latest brand of phones so that they can show it to their friends and maybe as a display to their hands. For me, digital self is not familiar to me since I don't care about new brands of phones, the important to me is I have phone to use and play, the truth is I just want a phone so that I can play Mobile legends. Also, social media is important to me since I used to communicate with my friends and relatives in the province, lastly im using my phone to watch funny videos and tiktok compilations hehehe.

There are different types of self we have and we encounter it everyday, every people have different self but as long as we handle it in a proper way it can help us to develop our self and become a good person.

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Written by   8
4 days ago
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Thank you for this article. Being strong at every aspects of our life is a must. Wish you a happy earnings.

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