Barcelona: My Dream Destination

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Good day everyone, today I'm going to write an article about my dream destination. All of us had dream destination that we want to visit, for some people they want to visit famous places like Japan, Korea, United Kingdom but for me i want to visit a place in which I can gain knowledge and unforgettable experience, Im also interested in architecture and the number one country that famous when it comes to architecture is Spain, specifically Barcelona, Barcelona is such a beautiful place, its the homeland of famous architects and also there are lots of tourist destination that can visit,there are also crypts and old monuments that belongs to UNESCO World Heritage and the most interesting in Barcelona is their beaches ,maybe your asking why my dream destination is Barcelona? so I'll give you beautiful things that can be found in Barcelona, if you read this article you can witness how beautiful Barcelona is and maybe it can change your mind to visit Barcelona instead of other countries.

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This is Barcelona, every corner of it is such a beautiful, its worth it to post those pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Barcelona is is the capital of Spain's Cataliona region and it is rich in culture and beautiful crypts and old buildings. All of skilled architects around Spain was born in Cataliona thats why those students who wants to learn about architecture was going here just to learn about architecture, if you wonder around Barcelona, you'll be inspired to draw because of such a beautiful designs of buildings. An architect student can also get an idea on how to make his/her own style in drawing. In Barcelona weeks is not enough to go around and visit all the tourist destination because in just one destination its worth it to stay and you'll wish you have enough time to tour Barcelona. Also, there are lots of Filipinos working in Barcelona thats why you won't home sick and you'll feel at home, there are also restaurants and shops around Barcelona owned by Filipinos thats why you can see a lot of foods, accessories and souvenirs thats from Philippines. The Area of Barcelona is 101.4km2, they have population of 1.6 million, their language is Catalan and Spanish, and if you like stuffs and food in Barcelona you need to bring Euros or exchange Philippine money to Euro so that you can buy all you want and spend money in all things that makes you happy. Almost 8 million tourists every year are visiting Barcelona. The best time to visit Barcelona is between (May-June) because the weather is perfect that time which is Spring and summer.

Facts about Barcelona

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Did you know that ang equivalent ng Valentines day sa Barcelona is St.George day in which they are celebrating it every 23rd of April, its a tradition of exchanging gifts, in which a women will give books to their loved once as a sign of love, And men will give roses as a sign of eternal love as a return, oh my its so inlove, i wish I could visit Barcelona and live there.

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This is Crypt of La Sagrada Familia, this is the most famous tourist destination in Barcelona, Did you know that it is too long to build than Egyptian Pyramids because until now it is not yet finish. When it finish it will be the biggest reconciliation of man to God, it means its our greatest apology of mankind to God for all the sins we done. The architect of this famous crypt had love a women who became an inspiration to build La Sagrada Familia.

The man behind the most famous cathedral in Barcelona is Antonio Gaudi, he was born on June 25,1852 in Reus, Cataliona Spain. He studied architecture at Escola Tecnica Superiro d'Arquitectura in Spain. Did you know that Gaudi was a bad student but still he became a famous architect and his masterpiece are incredible. He was appointed as chief architect of La Sagrada Familia, He dedicate more than 40 years of his life making the crypt of La Sagrada Familia until his death. He also remains single all his life, he dedicated most of his life working on his craft, and did you know that she loved a women named Josefa Moreu, but the women didn't appreciate the love of Gaudi, in short Gaudi was the only one who inlove. He was mistaken for a beggar and did not receive immediate medical attention that cause him die in a traffic accident in 1926. Now he buried in the Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the crypt of La Sagrada Familia. He was also religious person and now he is considered as Saint. He even got a nickname as "God's Architect" because all of his work is related to God.

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Spanish People are big fans of Football that why it's not surprising that they have FC Football Museum in which many people are visiting to watch football games, also tourist love to watch football games.

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Did you know that beaches in Barcelona is Artificial, the seaside of beaches was run over by local industries thats many tourist are attracted to visit this country because they have establishments at the seaside such as restaurants, bars, and other local establishments build so that the life of locals and tourist will be easier. People and Tourist here are free to wear what they want when they are in beach, there are people whos topless and some girls don't wear bra, people around don't care because tourist is not conservative people. I hope you like all the things that can be found in Barcelona, there are lots of tourist destination located at this place, its happy if you discover it on your own once you visit this city. In the future, I'll save money for this trip and I'll enjoy every moment when I'm already in Barcelona.

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This article looks very nice. I love the pictures, too. But it is a bit hard to read, because half is in English and half is in Tagalog or another language which I don't understand.

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