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Are you single? Did you enjoy being alone? no one to chat, text and call to? some sweet voice and messages.

Alone in watching movie and when you turn around there are couples secretly kissing inside the cinema. What do you feel upon seeing them? Did you wish you have a kissing partner too? lol.

When going at the church and walking at the Park you saw a lover's in love HHWW or Holding Hands While Walking. Then you look into your hands your only holding your bag.

When eating at a fast food chain or restaurant you are happily eating alone then you suddenly heard couples in love at your front saying "ahh open your mouth babe" so very sweet.

How do you feel? Do you wish that there is a certain someone too, who will spoonfeed you sweetly?

You suddenly get sick and was hospitalized and you are about to close your eyes but the next ward are very noisy.

Out of Curiosity you peep on the curtain and saw and old couple, the grandma is sick while grandpa is lovingly talking with her with love and passion in his eyes after many years of being together the feelings are still burning and sparkling while they are surrounded with their children and grandchildren lovingly making noise and teasing their grandma and grandpa.

Then out of the Blue an image of an old you alone in your bed with no one to be with, suddenly playing on your mind as if your watching a movie. You are alone in a cold rainy dark night. Sick in your bed with no one beside.

What did you felt? Are you scared?

As what the song goes " You can't hurry love, You just have to wait".It's not a game though.

Some believe in soulmate. What about you? Do you think you have one?

Or He or She is not born yet lol. Just kidding but it happens in real life. Where the age Gap are very far but still they are meant to be and was very happy right now.

There is no perfect relationship. Some prefer to be alone than experienced a heartache and betrayal.

Some already experienced being hurt and don't want to happened it twice and decided to be alone.

But there are some also that did not get lucky and always ended into a failed relationship.

Many are NBSB too No Boyfriend Since Birth. And are very innocent and fragile when talking about relationship.

No matter what was the possible reason is. The only one who can answer are those singles out there.

Is it their choice? or the choice choose them? Whatever it maybe as long as they are Happy and contented without regrets. I guess it will do.

But I want to share with you the decision that my former co worker decided to do.

Let us begin where we first met and became friends for a short while.

Year 2004 We met on a Company where is I'm a temporary Production worker while she is already a regular one.

Let's just call her Liezel. She is pretty bubbly and chubby. She always smile and was full of energy.

In our Production Line she is the most noisy one. And giving us laughter when we are very tired of standing 8 hours or when there is an overtime 12 hours.

There is no dull moments when you are with her. She is friendly to us eventhough we are a new employee.

She welcome us with a smile and a warm heart. But I never thought that behind her smile there is anxiety, fear and loneliness.

It happened one time that we got a heart to heart talked. I was shocked why she opened up with me and I'am always a Good listener. I listen to her without interrupting what she said.

And I was surprised for her to trust me that easily. She said that She is already 30 years old and me was only 20 at that time.

She is a member of NBSB or the No Boyfriend Since Birth Category. At first she didn't mind it at all as she is still young and wanted to enjoy being single.

Buy as the years gone by she felt a sudden fear and anxiety. I would never forget her face while saying that to me.

Then she confessed that she is pregnant! Then I congratulate her. She can finally married and will never be alone together with her husband and baby.!

But to my dismay the situation was very different. I thought that it was a happy ending for her. But it's not It's a decision she make and think a million times.

Then she told me that it was a verbal agreement between her and the father of the child. She don't want to get married but only wanted to be pregnant! So my eyes at that time became round haha.

It's my first time to encounter this kind of situation. Because usually the woman will do anything to have the father of their baby and give them a complete and a happy family.

But Liezel is different, she don't had any boyfriend at all but bravely ask someone to impregnate her.

She said that she is getting old and don't want to be alone. She wanted a baby but not a husband. And as A friend I respect her decision because it's her life it's where she is happy with.

And I'm glad that I became her listener and ease the burden of her heart by expressing what she truly feels.

9 months had passed and Liezel finally gave birth to a handsome baby boy. Well she chose it wisely the baby is very handsome with a long nose. That proves that the father is handsome too.

She took a maternity leave but never forget us for her baby' s Christening. At that time Our contract had ended. We lasted at the company for 10 months.

Liezel texted us and invited us and we agreed as it will be our reunion too.

She happily welcomed us with her little boy. And she suddenly whispered in my ear that the father of her baby is just around the corner!

But how could I guess! there are so many people haha. So I leave it be and before we parted we bond and had some talking and she said she wanted another baby!

Just oh my! And this time she wants a foreigner. She like an American baby girl to be her next baby. Just wow of her. I wish her goodluck before we said goodbye to each other.

I was busy looking for my next job and my cellphone was damaged. We lost contact and I wonder if her dream of having an American baby girl has come true. I just hope so. I support her and still wish her well.

So that's the end of her story...

Hope you enjoy reading...

leejhen ❤️

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