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Scary Stories:The rise of the Fallen Angels

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4 months ago

Do you believe the Bible? What about the prophecy that can be read there? Are you excited to know what I'm talking about? Are you scared? I guess not lol.

Are you ready? Let's begin our scary story for today. Take a deep breath and don't blink!

Euphrates River before.

Euphrates River now.
Euphrates River now.

I'am talking about the Prophecy that is written in the Bible. In the book of Revelation!

It says, "That in the last Day before God destroys the Earth that this Great River will dry up!"

And this river is the Euphrates River located in the Middle East. And sad to say its current situation is already dried up.

Where is the scary part of this?

Here it is...

This is a screenshot from the video that I watch and you can hear a scary voice underneath the dry river.

According to the Bible, It was said that God chained and imprisoned 4 Fallen Angels underneath the river. Once the river dries up, it will be released to slaughter one-third of mankind.

Isn't it scary? What kind of slaughter do you think it is? Thinking about my dream from before which I recorded and written here in readcash. All people will die! But I'm glad that it will only one-third of mankind will about to be slaughtered or killed.

But it's not good news! How sad to hear all of this. I'm afraid! Do you believe in what is written in the book of Revelation? Don't you think that this day will come? It's just a matter of time before the Euphrates River fully dries up!

Are we about to prepare and panic? Well, got nothing to prepare as I'm poor lol. I will only panic which will cause me stress and anxiety. We should be brave and always be ready in times like this. But you know, the truth is we are only better at words. Especially getting ready.

Who would like for all of this to happen? Surely no one! That's why we are not ready at all! No matter how we console ourselves to be ready but still, we are not ready for this kind of phenomenon.

What else will happen? What is will about to come? Isn't the earthquake, typhoons, and other disasters not enough? There's more? How many it is? Is there another plague to come? Are viruses not enough?

And I'm sure the ringing in my ears will not stop this time. I need to buy a headset ASAP lol. Just to brighten the scary mood. But yeah, during typhoon Odette which recently hits our country last year. The ringing will not stop as if I'am hearing all the noises outside! It was dumped in my ears heavily. And the feeling is not good at all. I don't wish for you to experience this.

Or aliens will invade us? But maybe the famous zombie apocalypse will be about to happen? But there is a theory about aliens that the Bible didn't include. They are living among us that we didn't even notice and knew. And they are coming back! Will it happen? I will share it here next time about this alien thingy.

I cannot imagine if this will happen and I can sense that it's very near. Well, yeah believe it or not haha. I'm just sharing what I watch and read. You know that I like scary and horror things. And what I experienced myself is also horror.

My question is, what will you do if this will truly happens?

Hmmm, I cannot answer my question huhu. Because I don't know what to do! How about you? It's time to repent and live a happy life my brothers and sisters lol. Life is too short for us, especially these days. We should treasure what we have now and do whatever we like. But please don't overdo it. You still need to do what is right and avoid wrongdoings.

Some will say that it will not be going to happen. It's just your imagination hehe. But our minds should be prepared than be shocked when this time will come.

Prayers are the best weapon but then again. We cannot be undone what is already written. That's why sometimes I will felt weak and disheartened. What is about to come will surely come. No matter how long or short it is. We better be ready but we are not ready at all. Isn't it too hard for us to handle?

We are living on Earth and all of us are meant to experience hardships. We don't have a choice. But still, I have hope inside my heart. After all of this, a brighter day will come. Hopefully!

We are just like a chess piece inside the aquarium, waiting for the moves from up above. From the higher dimension. Waiting to be convicted. Waiting in line until Judgment Day arrives!

Thank you for reading. I just wanted to share. It's up to you how will you react to this article of mine. But please no violence! Just joking haha.

leejhen 🤍

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Written by   586
4 months ago
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Grabe talaga yung Odette sis leejhen. Nagbigay ng trauma sa mga tao. Sabi nila makarinig lang sila ng ulan kinakabahan na sila kaagad.

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4 months ago

Oo first time ko maka encounter ng ganoon ka lakas na bagyo.

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4 months ago

Oo sis leejhen same sa family ko first time din nila. Nakakatakot talaga daw. Ang lakas ng hangin na may kasamang ulan.

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4 months ago