Tips to help you focus on the positive

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If you've factory reset your mind, i.e. given it a clean format, you can now discover how to guide it to focus on the positive.

Perhaps one of the most common behaviors we all engage in is negative self-talk. When a negative thought enters our mind, we feed it, grow it, multiply it and let it take over our mind. We can go in thinking 'I failed at this' and come out thinking 'I am so incompetent'. This reinforces the negative cycle. To break this cycle, it is necessary to silence the negative inner voice.

As soon as you start being hard on yourself, immediately find a distraction. Don't let your inner voice drown you out and magnify the negativity. Get up, move, change location, go out in nature, listen to music, engage in your hobbies, whatever you do, silence the negative inner voice.

Some people start their day with exercise; others need music or a cold shower. How do you spend your mornings? How do you find the motivation to get you out of bed? Do you get out of bed in the morning saying 'oh, I didn't get enough sleep again' or are you thankful for the beautiful day? You can build motivation for the rest of the day by completing tasks early in the day that trigger a sense of accomplishment.

Develop a routine that inspires you and start the day positively. This way, you can sustain the positive energy in the following hours. Otherwise, a day that starts off on the wrong foot may bring more annoying setbacks, making it harder to focus on the positive.

You may face difficulties in your work, social life, romantic relationships from time to time; just like everyone else... The important thing is not to have a life without any difficulties, but to know how to meet them.

If you let them discourage you, then they become permanent challenges; but if you focus on what you can learn from them, then they become opportunities. If you manage to see challenges in any area of life as an opportunity to grow, develop, progress or learn, then you will never lose your positive outlook even in a seemingly negative situation.

Many people forget to be grateful for what they have in life and focus on what they don't have. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting more out of life, but not everything can be 'more' and 'better' at once, it takes time... While it is normal for your expectations, wishes and desires to increase over time, this is not an excuse not to appreciate what you have. As you continue to work to achieve what you want, don't forget to be grateful and thankful for what you have. In this way, you can remember how far you have come, what you have achieved, what you have, and perhaps realize that everything is much better than you thought.

You may have noticed that negativity and positivity are contagious... When you are with someone who is depressed, you may feel down; on the other hand, when you are with someone who is cheerful, enthusiastic and radiates happiness, your mood automatically rises. Therefore, you need to be careful about who you surround yourself with.

When you are around people who complain all the time, who have unhappy attitudes, who always look at the negative side, who always see the glass as empty, you start to have a negative attitude. Therefore, surround yourself with people who will both nurture your positive side and help you keep your mood high at all times.

Trying to stay positive when everything is going wrong, when you are surrounded by serious adversity, when you have suffered a loss, when you are grieving, in short, when you are going through really challenging times, can feel like the hardest thing in the world. You are right...

But in difficult times like these it is very important to do something to take the pressure off yourself. Positive thinking is not about burying every negative thought or feeling you have, it's not about running away from difficult emotions, but accepting them and moving forward.

When you are going through difficult times, try to see yourself as a good friend who needs comfort or advice. What would you say to her? You would probably acknowledge his/her feelings and remind him/her that he/she has a right to feel sad and angry and that things will get better. Then do the same for yourself.

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