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what is Artifical intelligence?

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2 months ago

As we know Artificial Intelligence is the most emerging field in this era. Since the start of computers in the 1940s, humans are trying to make computers better and better with many evolutions. Computers pass through five generations to reach Artificial Intelligence. Machines can learn by themselves and make decisions.

We often listen about Googles is revolutionizing its system through deep learning, machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence. We often hear about these terminologies in news, television, or social media. For example, Google makes a program Alpha Go that has Artificial intelligence powers to play a board game. This game requires much thinking and tough decisions. Google’s AlphaGo can play this game in such perfection. Also, another program was built by South Korea called Lee Se-dol to play this board game. A competition was held between both these programs to play the game while google’s AlphaGo wins.

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