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Plan B

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5 months ago
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How reassuring it is to have a plan B?

How brave of you to fight with no other options?

Will this work?

Should I take the risk?

Many of us wonder of whether our choices are the best option to take. We all struggle to make decisions. But one thing is for sure, no matter what path you take, criticism will always follow.

If you choose to be the leader of your journey, you have to be sure of yourself in order to pursue something with all your heart. The only key to fight is the goal of achieving and claiming your dreams. Ambition pays a prize.

Plan B is always reassuring but not as grand as our Plan A's. Its a back up that makes us fight comfortably with our first choice but also a path that some of us are scared to take and explore.

Plan B's are both positive and negative. Positive that you don't have to be afraid of failing, because your second option will carry the burden for you. Unfortunately, plan B's are plans that you made ahead of time in case that things you planned may not work and that being said it limits you actually give your 100% full shot on something, it takes 1% of your confidence of taking all the risk because of your back up plan.

But what if there is no plan B?

Are you ready to sail with no destination in mind?

Whatever path you choose, always bring your brain with you. PLAN.

Planning is always a good thing.

Some may be lucky in life, career and love but NOT all.

P.S don't ever make someone a plan B

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Being cautious is innate for some people, having so many back up plans is necessary for them but it is only applicable for good things and not to harm or hurt people.

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5 months ago