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Get to know oneself

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Ambitious – due to the life situations that resulted to the person I am today, it all made me dream of achieving many things

Artistic – my sister had influenced me when it comes to fashion so as I grow up, I’ve developed an eye for style

Believer – since I met Jesus Christ in my life, I ‘ve become a great fan of Him and an active youth for Him.

Brave – I’ve experienced my first heart break when I was 11 years old and I was strong enough to be an ATE for my siblings and be their source of strength during those times that our parents forgot to fight for us.

Certain – I am the kind of person who’d always want an assurance first before investing to something. Betting is not my game.

Creative – being financially unstable opened my eyes to the world of innovation and imagination that probably helps in many aspects of life.

Courageous – I always ought to believe that its now or never, all I need is guts

Determined – Once that I am certain with something, I work hard until I achieve it. I know how it feels to have nothing.

Enthusiastic – to be passionate in everything I do makes things easier for me.

Fun – I’ve learned that life must be enjoyed and be lived in the moment so I always try to remind myself to be jubilant

Fair – I believe that life has to be fair no matter how unbalance the system of the universe is. Whenever I make decisions, I’d always weigh the effects it may cause to both the affirmative and the opposition

Giving – having nothing makes me want to give as much everything to other people

Keeper – I keep my words as much as I keep the people I love in my heart.

Natural and Simple – as an individual in this present generation, I’ve realized that being natural is the only escape from the image that you’ve created for the world

Optimistic – someone taught me that I shouldn’t be stressing myself over the things that had happened and about to happen since life is unpredictable itself, we should learn how to be optimistic and positive at all times.

Protective – I’ve suffered so much because of my parents separating when we were young and that situation made me very reserve and protective of myself

Quick – I am the type of person who quickly understands body language

Wanderer – curiosity and love for adventure is my kind of fun and it nourished me to become strong and independent


Ambiguous I am very cautious in my actions today because I worry so much for my future and that makes my mind set complicated at some point

Authoritative my parents are both teachers and I’ve observed their authority as professional and later adapted how they interact with other people, I consider this as a weakness since I can see that people are having difficulties in approaching me

Clingy – I easily get attached to the people the people I like and its not a good thing since change is constant and moving on without them hinders me from achieving the best version that I could be

Emotional when I experience my first heartache it taught me that I must be strong and crying must never be my option but as I overcome that heartache, I have observed myself being too fragile and very exposed to anxiety, anger and depression. All those emotions that I had kept in myself before are now eating my present self.

Intimidating - Due to the authority that my aura has been showing off, many people are intimidated towards me which is not a good thing especially when there’s a need for collaboration within a team.

Insecure Comparing myself with other people is already innate in me.  

Over-thinker Owing to my life lessons, it inculcated in me that I must think critically before making any decision. But the sad reality it made me over thing things.

Positive Self-concept, healthy personality & Ideal Filipino Citizen

Positive self-concept helps us develop to acquire the characteristics of a person with healthy personality and eventually become an ideal Filipino citizen. If one has a positive self-concept, he/she is only focused on learning and growing to become a better version of herself/himself. It is ideal to acknowledge one’s strengths and weaknesses and be matured enough to develop these flaws into assets. Having a positive self-concept means acquiring a healthy personality since the factors in developing one’s personality would only make the person achieve good things. Making experiences into life lessons would actually be a tool in upbringing an ideal individual in one’s self.

Application of Learnings 

In my 20 years of existence, the journey and adventures that I have experienced taught me great things. Having my parents as my first teachers, the knowledge I have integrated from school and the life lessons that was inculcated in me, had all molded me to become the person I am today. 

This encounter made me recall all the things and concepts that I think of myself and I have realized that talking to yourself negatively and undervaluing one’s self could only actually drag one’s self-esteem low. Erasing all the negative thoughts and spreading love to the world is my first step in order to achieve the satisfaction and happiness that my heart truly desires since positive thinking and healthy mindset are the root of all the successes.

This exercise helped me to have a deeper understanding about developing a positive self-concept that and eventually make me a healthy and ideal individual. Therefore, from this day onwards, I would focus on aiming to have a positive self-concept for the reason that it would help me possess high self-esteem, happiness and competency. For these feelings would allow me to be motivated in seeking for success in all aspects of life.


The roots of this strengths and weaknesses that I have right now are mainly because of the factors that nourished my personality. My family had created a big impact to my way of thinking, seeing things, behaving and up to how I interact with other people. My environment had been a great contributor to the way dress, talk and socialize with people. The situation or the experiences were my great teachers as I grow and become the person I am today.

All through out this exercise I have observed that it is important that we know our strengths and weaknesses because this is what make us develop the kind of self-concept, we want others to perceive among us. From listing our pros and cons, it was admirable that we are able to acknowledge are assets and flaws. Most importantly as we try to remember what were the roots of all these positive and negative things in ourselves, it was commendable how others proudly share their experiences as they acquire those talents and skills that they own.

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Written by   186
1 year ago
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