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Foundations for Learning

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Foundations for Learning

During the preschool years, play is the chief means by which a child learns. It is a ticket not only to fun and ad. venture but also to competence and a sense of mastery over self and world. Through play, children learn about the objects, people and events in their lives; eventually they will apply the knowledge and skills thus acquired in direct interaction with the world around them.

Parents can do much to assist the process. It is not however, a matter of telling your child how to play: chil- dren are generally their own best teachers. Instead, your contribution comes in being a resource, but provid: ing your child with a safe, stimulating environment, tactful encouragement and interesting toys. Often the simplest playthings and activities -- such as the puppet play between the mother and daughter pictured here are the ones that are most pleasurable and, ultimately, most instructive because they allow maximum room for the child's creative input

In the pages that follow, you will find dozens of sug gested activities, which to other, exercise and challenge most of the areas of growth that may begin de veloping from early childhood. The activities are divid. ed into five categories and the pages are color coded: blue for activities that stimulate mental skills, such as reasoning and memory: yellow for those that foster com munication purple for artistic endeavors, such as mu sic and make believe; red for activities that promote the understanding of concepts in math and science, and green for physical activities - dance, swimming group games and small and large muscle exercises. While a few of the projects req special toys or materials, the majority call for simple objects and playthings you will almost certainly have on hand.

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