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The White Hot Air Balloon

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1 month ago

The first image I can remember in this dream is being driven in a car through a nice neighborhood with a park that had some kind of body of water. It was a nice sunny day. I was starting a job working on some kind of tv show production or documentary crew. I was dropped off at a house where we were were suppose to prep for work and was introduced to a girl who was to help guide me into getting settled. Various people were also there and working in different parts of the house. They found a place to sit or stand with their laptops and were just typing away. Everyone also had their own reusable water bottle. I had a refillable clear plastic bottle and it had a flat lid that just clicked into the container - it was weird, never seen anything like it before.

My guide showed me around and was friendly and said we would be carpooling to the new location soon. Everyone started gathering their gear and just got into work mode, piling into a few vehicles.

I kind of strayed from the back and was the last one out. My guide had a grabbed about seven water bottles in a bag and started mumbling about having to walk uphill with all the water. I offered to take them myself. For whatever reason, I also said that I would meet them there, staying behind. She asked if I was sure, and I assured her I would find my way there.

I wandered out into the neighborhood and was suddenly struck by a man in the sky who was flying in a huge white hot air balloon. I was totally dumbstruck by seeing it since it seemed to be so close, just right above the tree tops of the neighborhood. The hot air balloon was made of a parachute type material and was more of a cream white. I kind of just stopped and followed the enormous moving white mass and was saying, “Whoa” in my dream. I was worried that it was about to fall to the ground and possibly on top of me. But as I followed its path, it went right over me and the wind picked up and started jerking it around a bit. The basket came real close and it appeared empty but full of green grass.

After it passed, I continued on and came to the park area I passed earlier. Lots of people were there and relaxing and socializing. There were ducks and fish in the water. There were rock steps that came out of the water and I walked along them, following the shoreline.

As I continued, it went into a cave like grotto area and there were lots of people there, in the water and socializing. Some of the people there I recognized as my old co-workers, Sally and Jolie. They were all clamoring on about the beautiful fish in the water. I could see clearing there were several exotic colored fish swimming about. They were in shades of electric blue, yellow, orange, reds, greens and so on. I quickly remembered to try and take a picture of the area and wished I had gotten one of the hot air balloon. The picture I got was a little blurry but I wanted to send it to my friend.

I kept following the water and amazingly wound up at the new location I was trying to find. Like magic, I had just walked into another house location straight from the grotto.

As I walked inside, a person walked by and I asked her if she knew about the grotto and she said yes and wasn’t it cool? I said yes it was really awesome.

After getting there, it seemed that they had all settled into a meeting but it was a strange socially distanced meeting. It was kind of the same set up as the other house, where everyone was scattered about and sitting individually. I could hear someone talking on a microphone so everyone could hear them.

I spotted my guide sitting at the kitchen table, she had books and seven packs of cigarettes on the table. In the short time I had been with these people, I had gotten word that my guide had some kind of problem with smoking and had stress management issues.


There’s another vivid dream of mine. If I did any kind of analysis, I might say that it falls in line with my current life and job. Also I’ve been reading a fantasy book that may have pumped up my imagination ;-).

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   30
1 month ago
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