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The Benny Chuck Dream

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2 years ago

This dream is from last night and was so bizarre, I’ll have to explain some things to make sense of it to you all. But then again, are dreams suppose to make sense?

I was in a room with a few girls and a guy who I knew, Benny Chuck*. This dream did not make any sense to me and even knowing a little background about Benny wouldn’t really explain anything. But let me tell you about Benny Chuck. 

He is a character - we met in a parking lot behind a bar/club and he’s taken a liking to trolling me on social media! It’s harmless, but once I post I know not far away is a post by Benny.

Back to the dreamscape, we were in a brightly lit room, the decor was a mix of 70’s retro. Neutral bland colors, old style television, macrame plant holders, couches threaded with shades of green, beige and orange.

“Plaid Banquette ( and a shag carpet)” by army.arch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Benny sat next to me and we were talking shit. I can’t remember all too well this part but I kind of remember a flask being passed around. Then as we sat there, I glanced down and noticed Benny’s penis started to peek out of his pants, I was alarmed. Then he started moving around and I looked elsewhere and a few moments later, I look at Benny and he’s exposed his crotch. On his penis was a tattoo of a coin. The coin’s color was a mixed alloy of yellow gold and silver metals and about the size of a US quarter. It kind of reminded me of a Susan B. Anthony gold dollar. It was was so real I thought it was an actual coin attached to his penis. There were other tattoo/markings but the one of the coin was a real standout. 

1 Dollar, United States, Susan B. Anthony, 1979 - National Museum of American History - DSC00278.jpg by Daderot is marked with CCO 1.0

My mouth agape, I said something like, “What is that, why?”

Benny started to tell me that it was dedicated to three guys that meant the most to him, The Doobie Brothers. As he’s telling me this I was imagining it was dedicated to family members. 

Surprised by his dedication to the Doobie Brothers, he started to express how much they meant the world to him and changed his life. When they passed away, he was heartbroken. He went into their music and the meaning it had for him. 

This definitely was a weird one. I can’t explain why I dreamt this, nothing in this dream makes sense. 

If you’ve had a similar experience with a dream, please post in the comments below. It would be great to hear anyone who is as stumped as I am about an outlandish dream. 

*Name has been changed to protect identity of person mentioned.

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Written by   33
2 years ago
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