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Missing Piece

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7 months ago

My mind is bugging. How do I talk to Marissa? What do I do? The last time we talked we both said we were no longer best friends and then proceeded to unfollow each other on TikTok. I am so close to getting this treasure, only three more clues and that $1 milling dollars in treasure is mine.

The last time we spoke, we were at my house and Marissa said she had studied with Evan in the library. When she told me, my cheeks burned red and I felt anger swelling up inside me. I was hurt, real hurt. How could my best friend do this without telling? Evan has been my crush since 5th grade and Marissa has known every torrid detail that has happened between us plus the exact way I feel about him. It pained me inside.

When she told me this news, nonchalantly throwing it out there, I stood up and said, “You studied with him and idn’t tell me?”

Marris taken aback said, “Well you never study in the library and you said that Evan was rude and you were over him.”

”Yeah but I always say stuff like that, you know how much I like him and for how long.”

”I’ve listened to you long enough about him,” Marisa aggressively replied. “How is it my best friend could not guess that maybe Evan likes me and not you.”

Horrified at what I just heard, stood up and shouted, “How dare you! Get out of my house right now, I hate you!”

Then I flung myself on the bed while hearing Marissa gather her things and marching out of my room.

How could this be? My best and oldest friend betraying me, the knife was plunged deep into the very pit of my stomach. I sobbed and sobbed harder, so much so I barely heard the tapping at my door.

“Hey hon?” A voice quietly called out, “are you okay in there?”

It was my mom. Of course she heard the clamor and clash in my room.

Sniffling I replied, “Mom go away. I don’t want to talk. yeah I’m okay.”

But the way I said it definitely said I was not okay.

The last time with Marissa was a heartbreaking moment, but seeing her at school became even more excruciating. Everything changed. Where she sat in class, who she did assignments with, where she sat in the cafeteria and who she hung out with at recess. It was an astronomical change.

But there was the $1 million dollar treasure and Marissa had the next clue at her house. It would mean they would have to talk, possibly make up, gulp. I wasn’t so sure I was ready for that yet.

As night wore on, I tossed and turned in bed, trying to figure out ways to get to that clue. Should I try and disguise myself and search the house? Break in? Pay my younger brother to dash in, grab it and run out? Everything I could think of seemed impossible, except for, saying I’m sorry. The hurt was still there. I didn’t want to but this treasure hunt has been stalled for too long.

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Written by   31
7 months ago
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