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Fold App Card - Earn BTC for Every Purchase

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1 year ago

In my crypto journey, I can’t tell you how I discovered the Fold app. Hmm... I would say it would either be here or Reddit - my go to sources for crypto. Initially I wrote about the Fold App here on Read.Cash, along with the other ways I earn crypto for free. I signed up and have been doing a free spin on the app every day, working my way up to about 27,000 satoshis. At sign up, you receive 5,000 satoshis! Also earn satoshis by purchasing gift cards through the app and the Amazon ones go fast. The cards are limited and run out but then are replenished after some days. I have to really be on it to purchase one. I got my first Amazon gift card for $25 and earned 1015 satoshis. I know that there is always something on Amazon that I will need in the future so this was a double bonus for me.

Now I decided out of curiosity to try out the Fold App card. I signed up on a waiting list and then it became available to me. There’s two card choices - Intro and Premium cards. They both require a payment - the Intro card has an initiation fee of $21 and the Premium has an annual fee of $150. Since this was an experiment, I signed up for the Intro card and paid the initiation fee - which in case you‘re wondering, does not earn you any satoshis or free spins :-(.

I’m writing this article because its only been a few days and I’m pretty impressed with the earnings. Maybe I just spend too much money? But I have been earning satoshis on EVERY purchase I have made - food, gas, bills, groceries, it’s so cool. I was expecting to spin the same everyday wheel on the purchases but you spin a souped up one where one of the prizes is 1 BTC! If you’re curiosity has been sparked like mine, here is a breakdown. And before we get too far, unfortunately this opportunity is for those only living in the U.S. at this time. Hope that changes for our international community out there. Here is my referral link to sign up and receive 5000 satoshis:

Here is an article on Medium with all the wheel updates, which changes time to time, they keep it fun and fresh. They also change the prizes weekly, so it would be good to follow Josh on Medium for all the updates. Also they posted this handy chart for this week’s wheel with all the odds listed. 0.0001% to win a whole bitcoin!

Fold App Wheel breakdown Chart posted on Medium by Josh Rosenblatt

Intro Card:

  • Up to 25% back on purchases (that’s through spinning the wheel or a flat cash back)

  • 1 extra weekly spin

  • One hour to spin the upgraded wheel

  • Boosted merchant offers (gift card purchases) - including a 5% boost on Amazon Gift cards, up to $250 a month

  • No annual fee

  • Activation Fee of $21

  • There are the usual card fees associated with it - using out of network ATMs, international fees, replacement card fees and also note that if you use it for cash back at a point of sale - meaning you make a purchase and enter your pin for cash back, you will be charged 1% of that cash back.

Premium Card

Now if I start to feel good about this card, I may just upgrade to Premium. What I want to wrap my head around is if the annual $150 pays for itself. At first glance, it seems that you definitely do get lots out of it, but let’s review:

  • Up to 100% back on purchases

  • 3 extra weekly spins

  • Limited edition gold foil card

  • 24 hours to spin the wheel

  • Boosted merchant offers - 5% boost on Amazon Giftcards, up to $500 a month

  • Free upgrade to Fold Credit Card

  • No activation fee

  • Annual Fee $150

  • Premium Wheel spins on purchases

  • All the other fees mentioned above for the Intro card apply to the Premium card. So the only differences lie in all the bullet points listed above.

From taking a look, I do feel comfortable with the Intro card at the moment. The Premuim card is definitely enticing and can see myself signing up for it. I haven’t seen APR rates and the credit card conditions though, so I’m cautious on that point.

Even though I might not win a bitcoin, it seems that this card will make sense in helping me pad my crypto stash while making everyday purchases, and then some.

Please comment below on what you think about the Fold App Card and is it worth it? Which card would you sign up for?

If you don’t want to scroll back up to sign up, feel free to click here to sign up for the Fold App and receive free 5,000 satoshis today.

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Written by   33
1 year ago
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