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Dream of Dogs

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2 years ago

I’ve come to the conclusion that the dream themes lately have been about being in an office and men. Two things my life is considerably lacking right now. The office dreams aren’t really alarming and are just being in an office atmosphere. The men dreams are a real wild card though. I’m not certain what they mean. 

My latest dream was about being in a multi floored home. I went downstairs and saw a familiar guy Chad*. In real life we are casual acquaintances and I do think he’s attractive. But I do know a little bit about his dating past and he has been through a lot of relationships since I’ve known him, which hasn’t been a long time. When we do meet, we greet each other and catch up on the latest in our lives. There’s been times he’s really rubbed me the wrong way so I started to become a little distant. Overall, I do respect him and his approach on life but have not become too close to this world. 

Back to the dream, we were together in this basement area and there were three dogs. They ranged from large, medium and small. The large dog was just kind of a slow darling dog and the small one was one of those tiny dogs that get carried around in a purse. The medium one was off to their own in a far away corner. We spent some time chatting about the dogs and he started smoking, which he does in real life. I decided to have a cigarette with him. We chatted and it was the first time I realized in the dream that we had been together alone. There was room to maybe take things to another level. Alas, that was not the moment. 

At one side of the basement was a sliding glass door and it grew into the evening. We left and took the large dog and small dog with us. We walked literally around the corner and faced a huge office building.

It seemed the day was over and people were piling out of the building leaving their workday in business attire. I seem to remember that we were bringing the dogs to their owner which worked in this building. Soon we met with a Latino man and were talking about the dogs and it was very dark outside and chilly. 

The End. 

All these dreams (which I will post about later, still writing them up) about offices and working are giving me pause as to why. Do I miss the office that much even though I’m stuck to my laptop during the day, messaging and texting with my bosses and co-workers? My brain must truly be trained to be on the hamster wheel.

I have to say overall I’ve enjoyed working from my couch in my fuzzy socks, sweats and oversized wool sweater jacket, just kicking back with my comforts of home. It must be the brain train, still left in the corporate maze. There are aspects of working in an office that is great but really who can complain about not having to do my makeup, put together a fashionable business smart outfit and make sure my hair is perfect? Those things I only partially miss. I love clothes and style so having that put on display is one of my signatures I feel is missing.

Perhaps I can dress at home just to remember how classy I can be. My jewelry and accessories are also sorely missed. Why haven’t I joined the masses in dressing up to take the garbage out? Because the garbage area of my home is straight down an alley next to my building along a fence and I have not ever seen anyone when taking it out. 

Sorry for the diatribe on working from home. Just wanted to let you in on my subconscious analysis. Until I dream again all, good night. 

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Written by   33
2 years ago
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