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7 months ago

“Giddy, wake up!” said a drone that hovered in her room. Goddamn it, thought Giddy, groaning and getting herself up from the wonderful, restful sleep she just had.

“Okay, I’m up, happy?!” she said to her drone. She got up and then thought that the day had come to compete with the others in the games that they had practicing at for months. Was she scared? Maybe a little, but she was determined not to let any negative influences get in her way. The past months had trained her for this moment and she was going to come away with a prize or go down swinging.

Looking at her closet she already knew what she was going to wear for months. It was a dark grey leather jacket with WiFi hookups and backup battery power for her apps while she was on the game field. Underneath she would wear the temperature controlled black button down, made of the smart thread that would sense her perspiration, which was good because she knew that would be happening a lot that day.

Her pants were almost a combination of her tops, temperature controlled and with smart backups - gps tracker and battery backup. It only came in black and she was okay with that. Her shoes would be her trusty boots that although old-fashioned and plain, withstood the test of time and their worn leather look still had a lot of wear ahead of them.

It was time to officially get started and she went down to the kitchen for some breakfast. As she got coffee and cereal on the table and waited for toast, her drone beeped, “Bobby calling.”

“Answer,” Giddy replied thinking it was a little too early for game plan talk but guessed it was necessary.

“Good morning sunshine, how did you sleep? You ready to go ape shit on everyone?” A usual greeting from her jealous best friend who did not make it into the game but was fully supportive in helping to train her.

“Hiya, yeah, I slept well. Just glad the day is finally here. Getting a little breakfast before I destroy anyone. You know, priorities,” throwing in my bit of wit.

“I hear that the crowds are growing, and the bandwidth is barely holding and nothing has even started. This is going to be one big blowout, I mean, hope it doesn’t blow out and stop the games but you know what I’m saying,” Bobby meaning well, was giving me the pre-game overview.

“Yeah well I’m not really surprised. It is the first time some of old players got knocked out so there’s a lot of new blood. People want to see the new ones,” Giddy replied.

“True that, well I’ll pick you up in 10?” Bobby said. He had insisted that I not be responsible for any transportation to and from the game, that I had to be solely focused on what I was doing, and I agreed.

“Okay great.” And with that I was almost there. About to play the game of my life against the biggest gamers of the world. We were going to go head to head in games that would try and decode a secret blockchain.

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Written by   31
7 months ago
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