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Connections & the Supernatural

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11 months ago

Last night I had a wild multilayered dream. Let me start from the beginning. 

In my dream I had been trying to get in touch with a certain celebrity and I asked if he read my message. He texted me that he was just looking at it in that moment. It was a text from a year ago. On his phone in my dream, the texts I had sent him were in shown in a vertical fashion. There was something strange between us, an interesting chemistry. We decided to meet sometime soon. 

Next I was with my sister and brother in a wooden cabin. We were somewhere we had never been. We got into some kind of disagreement and I went to leave to go outside.

Just as I opened the door, I noticed it was dusk going to darkness, there was a huge boulder that started sinking into the ground across the road. There were people all around that turned to watch. I watched in disbelief as the boulder disappeared into the ground forming a gigantic hole and brilliant light of blues and greens flashed upward. Then a solid green liquid appeared and floated above the hole, it then continued to float and morph in various shapes. Several rainbow like colors started to shoot out of the hole, I continued watching, my mouth open and watching in horror.

More light and sparkling like action occurred over the hole and the green liquid turned more into a slime entity. It grew larger and loomed over while the brilliant lights continued to churn upward. The colors became more varied, pinks, lavender, reds and oranges came about. The ground rumbled and all those present shook about, like a mini earthquake. The light show continued the colorful mass continued to morph and move about over the pitted ground.

I thought that this had some kind of connection to an alien being, my memory may have not remembered something also falling from the sky into the pit. But this sight definitely gave me the feeling of some kind of supernatural occurrence.    

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11 months ago


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11 months ago

It was awesome lol. Definitely craziest sight I’ve seen in a dream. Thanks for the comment!

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11 months ago