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this article, I present to you the secrets of enjoying cheap flights.

Many successful people have their means to roam the world in a way that spends little from their budgets. Even media figures sometimes like to be just tourists, so they wake up in a new place, taste a new color of food, discover for themselves the corners of a distant island, and enjoy the intense feelings of a $ 3 economy for breakfast at the hotel.

Luckily, there are tricks that I can take advantage of in travel that I offer you because the only thing that gets most excited about traveling is traveling within a budget.

Here are seven tips to count on if you want to go on a budget.

1. Take chips and fridge pouch with you

Breakfast in hotels can cost you dearly, so I recommend that you bring plastic containers and a box of foil with you. If you have young children then this is all that is needed. Everyone will be happy and it will cost cheaper than breakfast in any hotel or restaurant. Otherwise, you can buy the cheapest refrigerator bag to store milk and other drinks and so you can save more.

2. Adhere to the limit when purchasing airline tickets

Subscribe to price tracker for the lines with directions that interest you and only buy a ticket after receiving a notification. It was precisely this way that I was once able to travel with my family from Malaysia to New York with $ 400 one way.

3. Find cars for rent in online communities

Car rental is without a doubt one of the most expensive on a long haul. To save money, ask local groups on social media if someone is renting a car for a moderate amount. Post the ad on Facebook and don't forget to indicate the destination point. Review forums and advertising sites such as Turo, as there is an opportunity to rent a car directly from its owner, and when there are no middlemen, there is no extra charge.

4. Do not hurry

Many think that travel is expensive, but the paradox is that the longer the trip, the cheaper, for example a villa in Bali has the same cost per week and month. Take all you can out of your vacation and stay longer! My girlfriend seeks to gain everything from life, and for the last five years she is traveling the world with her two children. They settled for a long time in Bali, Indonesia, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in Penang, Malaysia, as well as in Thailand, Vietnam, and some regions of the United States.

5. Go around where dollars have value

Some backpackers and bloggers try to create the illusion that you can travel around the world for free or for little money, but it is not at all like this. If you need an adequate level of comfort on your travels and want to see or taste something wonderful and memorable new, then you will in no way need some money for you..

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