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3 years ago

You need to lose sometimes in life. Otherwise we would not have understood the taste of victory. Whoever has no rate, has no satisfaction of winning, even after trying hard, if someone loses, he should not think of himself as small. Then you have to think that a bigger victory is waiting for you. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Need courage, strength and confidence !! We can't walk after birth. First we have to learn to sit, then we have to learn to stand, then we have to learn to walk by stumbling again and again. Life is just like that. If you look at the excuse of learning to swim without going down to the swimming pool, then you will not have to learn to swim anymore, you have to go down to the swimming pool first, you have to drown a few times, then you will learn to swim slowly. But our mistake is that we stop after a big push. We forget to get up. We lose confidence. We forget that if we want to be as bright as the sun, we have to burn like the sun before. You will never be able to do that. Go ahead with the challenge without feeling ashamed of losing. Because there is no thorn in the path, there is no pain, there is no taste of victory in that path.

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