🚨Breaking: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is running for President in 2024 and he is a bitcoin lover!🚨

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5 months ago
Topics: Crypto

Wow, this is huge news! Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has just filed paperwork to run for President in 2024 as a Republican. He is a big fan of bitcoin and crypto, and he wants to make America a bitcoin nation!

Suarez has been doing amazing things in Miami, like accepting his salary in bitcoin, launching MiamiCoin (MIA), a cryptocurrency that could pay a recurring BTC stimulus to Miami citizens, and hosting the Bitcoin 2021 conference in his city.

He is not scared of the establishment or the legal troubles of former President Donald Trump, who is also running for the GOP nomination. He has a fresh vision for the country, one that embraces innovation, freedom, and prosperity.

Suarez is a longshot candidate, but he has a lot of potential to win over young, tech-savvy, and diverse voters who are looking for a change. He is also a charismatic and optimistic leader who can inspire people with his passion and positivity.

Let’s show some love to Suarez and spread the word about his candidacy. He is the best hope for the crypto community in 2024. Let’s make him go viral and beyond!

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