😲 Binance NFT lending bug lets users get ETH with fake NFTs

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4 months ago
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I have some wild news for you. Binance NFT market, which is one of the best platforms for NFT lending, has a big bug that lets users get ETH loans with fake NFTs.

How do they do it? They use a smart contract to switch their good NFTs with bad ones in their wallet without the platform knowing. Then they ask for a loan using the fake NFT as security and take the ETH. The platform only finds out the switch when it’s too late.

This is a big mess for the platform and the lenders who lose money on these loans. Binance has to fix this bug fast and pay back the people who got tricked.

What do you say about this bug? Is it smart or shady? Share your views below!#Binance #NFT #Lending #Bug

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