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Announcing Knuth v0.4.0

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5 months ago

Release announcement: Knuth node v0.4.0

The Knuth team is pleased to announce the release of its version 0.4.0.

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • November 15, 2020 network upgrade.

  • Implementation of aserti3-2d: the new difficulty adjustment algorithm.

  • Fixed a linking error on Debian10 using GCC8, trying to link std::filesystem.

  • Various performance improvements.

  • Some minor fixes and code style improvements.

For the full release notes, please refer to our release notes.

A note about IFP (Infrastructure Funding Plan):

This measure was taken arbitrarily and will benefit only one player: Bitcoin ABC.

We believe that this will harm all other projects and therefore Bitcoin Cash in general, that is why Knuth will not implement this rule but it will safely follow the longest chain during the upgrade.

For information about how to install Knuth, please visit our website at

We thank Bitcoin Cash ecosystem for its warm support and constant feedback.

The Knuth team.

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Written by   62
5 months ago
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Nice article😄

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5 months ago

Wow, nice version every day we get new version and upgrades

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5 months ago