Announcing Knuth C-API v0.4.15

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Release announcement: Knuth C-API v0.4.15.

The Knuth team is pleased to announce the release of its C-API version 0.4.15.

This release includes the following features and fixes:

  • Take the user-agent from the Node C++ library.

  • Moved executor class to the Node C++ library.

  • Removed deprecated APIs.

  • Changes in the Config API to support the new JS wrapper.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the Config API.

  • Fixed in the Config API to support Windows wide chars (16-bits).

  • Improvements in the Config API.

  • Added an option to avoid fixing checkpoints in the Config API.

  • Huge refactoring, Async vs. Sync APIs are now separated.

  • Uses conan_package_tools==0.34.2 on Appveyor CI/CD.

  • General API improvement/refactoring.

  • Word List classes removed, now use the more general String List.

  • Refactoring: usage of new helper internal functions to define the API.

  • Added Full DB mode to CI builds.

  • Changed logging.

  • Removed some dead code.

  • API fixes, minor bug fixes and code style improvements.

Using the Knuth C-API you can use the node as a library.

For information about how to install Knuth, please visit our website at

We thank Bitcoin Cash ecosystem for its warm support and constant feedback.

The Knuth team.

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