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What are you going to do when you feel sad?

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1 week ago

What are you going to do when you feel Sad?

Feeling sad is a natural feeling to us as a human being. We are used to different kind of feelings everyday and everytime. Different situations can easily affect and triggered our feelings especially when it comes to the people we value and love. We can't choose what we can feel, and suddenly there's no "stop button" or "change feelings button" for it.

There are some tips on how to lighten up your day when you feel sad, or we can say just a relief to the heavy feelings we kept inside.

1. Write down your feelings - writing down your feelings is just like sharing it with some one without bothering them. Write down all your thoughts, express the things you want to say and shout it to the world through writing it. I swear it can loosen up the heavy trunk inside your mind and heart.

2. Cry it out - as you were writing your feelings, cry it out. Some times we hold back our tears, so that others may not know what we felt. It may good for now, but it may be bad for yourself in a long run. If you will always hold it back, you will just save a heavy grudge in your heart. Sooner or later, it will affect you mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

3. Listen to motivational talks - take the good remove the bad one. It's time to be assured what you will accept to feed your mind. Motivations that comes from our family, frienda, or even someone who is older to us is quite good. But remember, always remember that you are the one who will be liable with what advice you will accept.

4. Challenge your thoughts - this is a battle between you and yourself. There's no one will be loose rather than yourself. There will be no one who will won, but yourself also. Whatever happens, lose or win, it's only yourself and it's all about yourself alone. Other people can hely you, but that help won't contribute if you don't help yourself. Challenge your negative thoughts to be a positive one and you will surely won this battle of yours.

5. Clean your space - this maybe your house, room, or even your office area. Clean it and make it a peaceful place to the eyes wherein you can find comfort and calmness whenever you're there. You can also put motivational quotes or verses in the wall, so that everytime you come to your place you will be motivated and get positive vibes.

6. Turn off your phone - you can do it during weekends or your free days wherein phone calls and chat are not necessary. Have time with and for yourself. Rest and treat yourself with what you want and what you are longing to do.

7. Read a book - with some people, reading book is their coping mechanism. But then, if it's not for you then try reading comics, novels, essays, or even brochures and magazines. It may help you to rest your mind from what you're going through and you may forget it for awhile. If you are still not into reading try watching movies. Atleast, there's something that might help you.

8. Get some sunlight - it's good in the morning. Don't stay inside your room, it will only let you think more about what you feel and you will end up overthinking. Go outside and feel the ambiance of the wind and sun. It will help you to be energize.

9. Drink some hot tea -as what I've said earlier, treat yourself. Hot tea is good for your heart and mind. It can also be a coffee or hot choco, depends on what you like. But please, just please no to liquors. It will only bring you hangover and headaches in the morning. It will just heavy weighed your feelings.

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