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LTO Network: Five Ways They're Delivering Real Value, Right Now

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1 year ago

I've been interested in this project for many months now; and (full disclosure) some time ago, made a personal choice to invest based on how much adoption and real-world value was taking place with this brand right under people's noses. Perhaps because LTO has only recently attempted to turn their focus to marketing, and getting into US exchanges, they are simply not as well known.   But I believe they should be on more people's watchlists, and I'd like to share with you five reasons why you might want to have a look at what is, in more ways than one, still an undervalued gem.

1 - This Coin is At The Office:   LTO has placed their focus on making blockchain integration easy for every organization - B2B onboarding, in a nutshell.  Even in a busy BaaS market, they are making this happen in real time: the network is up to >100K transactions almost daily, and climbing - transactions coming from clients who are paying transaction fees to use the network, and those clients pay 0.35 LTO per transaction - when that happens, 0.1 is also burned.  While some projects first focus on hype, LTO has been busy at work.  LTO have cultivated strong partnerships with the likes of IBM, Bosch, the United Nations, VIDT, Firm24, the Dutch Government, and more, creating real world solutions from securing real estate transactions and improving process efficiency for governmental departments, to assisting in the authentication of COVID masks for quality assurance. 

2 - Respect for Data and Privacy:   They have positioned themselves to be Europe’s leading hybrid blockchain platform. This means, among other things, that they comply with GDPR regulations.  Their partnership with V-ID's documentation certification service also places a strong emphasis on their GDPR compliance.

3 - Busy Devs and Evolving Products:    One of LTO Network's most recent changes is the rollout of the LTO Identity Node. Through this, the network's users can own their on-chain identity, leading to decentralized kyc ("know your customer/client") solutions. In addition, LTO Network started a collaboration with Dusk Foundation ($DUSK) to create the "Tokenized Share Registry" - this ensures that clients/businesses can make full use of the blockchain, without requiring in-depth technical knowledge - in keeping with their brand objectives to make onboarding of clients coming from outside the blockchain experience as smooth and seamless as possible. 

4 - Great Tokenomics:    Non-Inflationary leased proof-of-stake tokenomics provides an average 6-7% APR with easy staking on their mainnet. The beauty of LTO's setup is that with more adoption and integration, coupled with the uptick in client/community work, the greater the real value that's brought to the network AND the token itself. Further, anyone can become a validator; it could not be simpler for a large or small investor, and you're able to contribute to the project and earn a return on your investment regardless.  Of course, they provide a full guide on their site, including recommended nodes for those who aren't set up to run their own.  Client token fees, token burn, increasing transactions = increasing value. Real investment value is ongoing, every day, regardless of what the markets are doing.

5 - On Raw Numbers, It's Hugely Undervalued:    When one maps out the valuation of LTO Network vs the top projects and observes the network usage vs price and market cap - the numbers speak for themselves. I do think again that this is at least in part due to the lack of visibility in the USA. LTO simply prioritized real-world value over marketing for some time, but....that is beginning to change.  The future is bright, and I have confidence in this brand for the long-term.

Of course, don't take my word for it - I'm not a financial advisor, and as always one must DYOR!  But I hope you'll check them out for yourself at, read the use cases at LTO Network Use Cases, and visit the LTO Subreddit to learn more about the community, the project, and read past AMAs.


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1 year ago
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