Today I peed on Cain.

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4 years ago

Today I peed on Cain.

That was a bad idea. I'm a dirty animal, so don't piss on me or I'll be back and even more vicious!

The good news is Cain can't piss on me and my friends, and I have a lot of friends.

When I pee on him, I know he's not going to piss back. I might even find out he's a dirty animal!

And, that's a promise to you, Cain, that we'll be back!

You have to pee on me before I go and you can't pee on me until I go!

I need to pee! I need to pee! I need to pee!

So if you see a cow, Cain, you know what you need to do!

You have to pee!

Pee on me!

Don't do that!

Pee on him!

Pee on Cain

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3 years ago

You really have a talent, why not post it on YouTube?

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4 years ago

Lol it's not his own work. He just typed in a phrase and this is what got spit out on And my suggestion to the guys is to do whatever you feel is right for your business and don't mind Kos too much.

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4 years ago

Personal attack, hidden

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4 years ago