The effect of quarantine on mental health

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Although quarantine is the most effective way to survive fierce diseases, its consequences are dire.

The history pages told us about many disease-related events, and quarantine was most effective when applied in many different epidemics that affected humans, such as: plague, cholera and influenza.

Despite the tremendous progress that humanity is witnessing in our time, science stood helpless in the face of the Coronavirus, and the world resorted to the ancient effective method of quarantine, so that scientists and doctors had time to find a cure for this fierce epidemic. Let's learn about quarantine and its psychological impact closely.

The term "quarantine"

In the year (1377 AD), he issued an order imposing the case “trentina”, which is derived from the Italian word “trenta” That is, the number (30), and what was meant was the quarantine period for a period of (30) days for ships coming from other lands to ensure that they were not infected with the disease, and the status of “Quarantine” for travelers walking, and the word “Quarantine” means the period of forty days. Venice was the first city to be quarantined in light of the plague pandemic, as ships arriving at the shores of Venice were required to dock for a period of (40) days to ensure that passengers were not infected with the disease.

Quarantine during the 21st century

In the twenty-first century, specifically in (2003 AD). The quarantine was used to contain the SARS pandemic in Guangdong Province, China.

At the end of the year (2019 AD), Corona disease appeared. The specialists tried to control the situation and did their utmost, until they raised the white flag, announcing to everyone that humans are facing a dangerous epidemic resulting from the emerging corona virus or Covid-19. Influential figures began to warn people and give recommendations to prevent the disease, until international organizations declared the need for quarantine; That is, the epidemic is very dangerous and the stone has become a necessity.

The time period of quarantine

The quarantine period varies according to the epidemic, but it must be sufficient to contain the epidemic and prevent its spread locally, and also prevent its spread as much as possible. However, it must be borne in mind that the longer the quarantine period, the worse the results for the person's mental health. Where people are exposed to a lot of psychological stress during periods of quarantine.

Quarantine pressures

People are exposed to several strains, as a result of the long quarantine period, including:

  • During periods of quarantine, people feel frustrated, bored, and missing the usual routine, and the loss of social contact with friends, relatives and people in general has a clear impact.

  • Fear of disease is one of the ghosts that most haunt people during quarantine periods, and many studies have revealed that panic is common among people during quarantine periods, especially among pregnant women or those who have children, and it develops in these people and becomes stress.

  • Stress is found to be common among people during quarantine.

  • It has been observed that people who have been quarantined are showing some angry behavior.

  • Poor food and drink supplies during the Quarantine period contributed to many feelings of anxiety and frustration.

  • After the quarantine period ended, many projects suffered heavy financial losses, which in turn affected the psyche of the people who had a share of these losses.

  • Many countries have experienced major economic crises, as the Corona virus has affected the global economy.

  • People experience fear during quarantine periods, as they are afraid of harming others in the event of an epidemic.

Someone has suffered from the "Quarantine 15" case.

One study indicates that the Corona epidemic has set an ideal situation for weight gain in a phenomenon known as "Quarantine 15". By itself, staying at home makes people less active, and most of them tend to eat more food. The result is extra weight gain.

One of the statistics indicated that more than half of men and nearly a third of women were overweight. Experts stress the seriousness of the situation for those who were obese before the quarantine if they also gained weight. Specialists added that this weight gain for the majority of people will cause public health problems after the end of the pandemic.

Correct action to avoid quarantine-related mental disorders

  • It is important to shorten the quarantine period as much as possible, at the same time as an occasion to prevent disease, many studies have revealed that the longer the quarantine period, the worse the psychological state.

  • Leaving people without information or knowledge about the situation is not helpful at all, so it is advisable to provide enough information to people about the epidemic, the reason for quarantine, and its importance to preserve their health and life.

  • Food and drink are among the essentials of life for humans, so they must be given enough food to avoid disturbances and anxiety resulting from the lack of these things.

  • People in quarantine are advised to provide clear instructions from health professionals, to rest assured.

  • Provide ways for social communication, albeit from a distance. This, in turn, will improve their psychology during quarantine and will help them communicate with relatives and friends to check on them and maintain communication with them.

  • Spreading the spirit of optimism among people, explaining the importance of the stone and its necessity and thanking them for following the instructions, it will be of great effect.

  • Spreading awareness among people to avoid obesity because of its severe harms.

There is no doubt that the quarantine has allowed many to rest at home for some time, but once a person gets the right amount of rest for him, he longs to work and expend his energy again as he used to. But it was not just a short period, but a bit long.

During this period, there are those who invested their time and benefited from the Internet and developed themselves, and there are those who do not like the use of technology in general, and there are those who have faced some psychological problems due to the large period of quarantine, so you must pay attention to your mental health well and take care of its safety, and it is preferable to resort to a doctor Psychological in the event of exposure to one of these pressures.

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During the pandemic, there were many days with closures and several related days with all-day curfew. The people were then worried that they would not be caught. Many people who did agricultural work with a tractor were under violation, and they had to pay fines, because the administration failed to confirm that they were performing their activities unhindered during curfew. It is especially a problem for families with children who are used to the company of their peers and playing outside. Not to mention the reduced workload and earnings of some people, layoffs, that is very scary.

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