How did I open up during the pandemic?

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Crises may bring out the best in us, and they may teach us what we cannot learn for many years. This year she was a teacher worthy of reverence.

There is no doubt that this year is a special year for all of us, so what happened during it was not small and was not easy. It was a year full of difficulties and fears that all have had due to the Corona pandemic. On the other hand, however, it revealed the strength and weakness inside us, of toughness and fear, of love and hate, of courage and cowardice. It revealed what was hidden within souls and revealed what we know and what we do not know. That is why it was a great year worth writing down.

The most important thing that I realized in this year

I practically realized that the whole world is connected

We are all connected, influencing and influencing each other. We may have known this before, but we did not realize it strongly until this year. The whole world fell ill because of one person! Perhaps many people around the world hated this man very much, but I did not hate him nor blame him, for it was only a reason, nothing more, a reason for the whole world to realize that we are connected in some way, connecting us with our presence under one sky .. just as we are linked as a family under the roof of a house Small.

  • I realized my worth more

Since the whole world is connected and can be affected by one individual in the far reaches of the country, then you and I are also influential, no matter how small the size of what we do in our day. We may lose a sense of worth and lose our ability to influence sometimes, so this year has come to wake everyone from his inactivity and make everyone feel the importance of their role in life. She came to tell everyone that you are an influencer and have a great role and significance reflected on the entire planet.

- I realized the importance of home

This year I saw the house differently - it was a fortress, a safety and a shelter. I discovered that we used to have fun outside a lot and go home as a hotel that only accommodates us at bedtime, but in fact he longed for his family and for them to share what he was created for. It wasn't created just for sleep, it was created for life! People have illuminated their homes with their presence in it more this year.

  • I realized the value of family

This year, the family's "lamma" was witnessed in front of the table and in front of television, as was the case in the past. Some thought that Corona came to lock us out of our loved ones, but in fact it brought us together with real loved ones. People in the house are our closest people, but we were always preoccupied with the outside. The mother saw her children, the father saw his children, and the brothers were joking and laughing, all came together and we felt longing for the family's almost forgotten warmth.

  • I realized the value of comfort

I felt the pleasure of rest and stillness, the rhythm of the world calmed down and the noise of my mind subsided, and there was silence, so I felt reassurance and peace. This year, despite the anxiety, it was calmer and more relaxed. Usually we neglect to rest and take us through the speed of life and the abundance of events around us, but this year life allowed us to take a rest, silence and stop running; Let's catch our breath and reconsider the sails of our ships.

  • I realized that happiness comes from within

Before we used to rely on external sources for happiness and entertainment, such as going out with friends, playing a favorite sport, going to the club or the cinema ... all of them are external sources, and all of them have been closed, to discover that there are other sources of happiness! Sources that come from within, from the human being's union with himself and his sense of his worth and reviewing his achievements.

Also, we all discovered that there is some kind of happiness that can be achieved at home, so we read a backward book, created new games, created fun ourselves, created what could make us more happy, but we always resorted to what our minds were used to.

  • I realized the value of time

The most valuable treasure we had this year is time. The time we spend abroad has decreased if it has not been completely canceled, no work, no study, no exercises, and no going anywhere. Only you and time, who was able to use it really won. Some have used him to learn new skills, some to invent things, some to improve his abilities in something, some to rest, some to follow postponed courses, and some to develop his job and invest his money. It was time this year as a prize to rearrange our lives more away from fun and responsibilities.

  • I realized how much I love my talent

One of the things I am most pleased with this year is my development of my talent for writing. There was time and rest in my mind to write more, and the ZED site helped me. While most people are bored, I was writing a new article, an article that revealed my love for writing more.

  • I realized the importance of self-learning

The whole world recognized - this year - the importance of self-learning. Everyone has learned many skills through trial and trial and error. We have searched for the methods by ourselves and discovered our capabilities on our own, and we have been taught that we can learn without a teacher, or at least without anyone there who will fully give us the information. At first it was difficult for many to accept the idea of ​​learning what they wanted, but after a short time everyone was acclimatized, and some even liked this method more.

  • I realized the value of health

There is no doubt that we all have realized that nothing is more important than health, we have recovered from our negligence and from our thought that health will last. We have all reviewed ourselves whether we eat and drink in a healthy way or are we neglecting and it is time to be more careful of the safety and strength of our bodies. Some of us are really sick and we are from God’s protection, and in both cases we have learned that the body is a gift from God that must be preserved with everything we can, from healthy eating and drinking water to exercising and maintaining our immune system.

  • I realized the importance of being open to the world

When the streets closed, the Internet opened more and more searches increased, and the world opened more until it really became a small village. We can access everything we want at any time with the click of a button, and all this technology and openness has opened us more opportunities for everything. If you want to learn, then there are more resources, you just have to specify what you want to learn, and if you want work and if you want entertainment, everything becomes available from your place, you just have to take advantage of openness and abundance.

  • I realized that there is nothing holding us back

Despite the many obstacles this year, I achieved many things. I have almost completed fifty articles, and I have completed memorizing Surat al-Baqarah to complete my memorization of the Holy Qur’an, and I have taken many online courses in various fields, and my work has developed further.

It was a year full of accomplishments, through which I realized that the obstacles are in the minds and are not at all outside, so whoever intends to benefit and exploit time has reached the end of the year and is satisfied and proud of his pursuit and enjoyment. Thanks for the year 2020 AD.

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