Fortnite and Babji .. is it the next threat?

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Fort Knight and Pabgy are among the most important games that many love now, but it may turn into an addiction problem that comes out of the frame of play and entertainment

Dear reader, I was very confused about how I could write the letters of my words for you until the complete picture reaches you on such a topic, which I see as if it is wildfire, yes it is like fire eats green and everything, the old before the little, he eats everything that some have without feeling, it is like magic has become on some, But the calamity, there is no one to address it adequately, has the situation become normal for some to this degree? Or is the matter in their view not so dangerous that I see it?

It affects health, minds, bodies and psyche. It takes a lot of time, destroys minds, and causes sudden diseases, not to mention the money that he takes from the person in the blink of an eye. Here, dear reader, it harms it before I tell you what this next danger is, its addiction can negatively affect the health of addicts to it; Specifically, children among them, where the child prefers to spend his time in it rather than eating or sleeping, in addition to laziness and lethargy in children who may spend more than two hours of their time in it or watching television, and this leads to obesity at an early age.

A study at the University of Texas at Dallas indicates that addiction can lead to several health problems, such as:

  • Back pain, headache, straining eyes, pain and numbness in the wrists, hands, shoulders and elbows.

  • Add to it when it is violent, it is harmful to humans, due to the presence of hideous and bloody murder scenes, in addition to the violence and the way in which women and children are presented in it.

  • Some of the negative effects that can affect this addict are social isolation, spending a lot of time in it may lead to the strengthening of social isolation for a person, because it is often performed individually or collectively.

  • Aggressive behavior. Watching violent and aggressive things negatively impacts a person's behavior.

  • Negative images of women often portray women in a way that is inappropriate to them.

  • Confusion between reality and fiction in a way that may expose her addicts to a defect in the differentiation between reality and fiction.

Certainly now the picture has become clear to you, it is the game Fortnite “Fortnite” and its sister PUBG “Al-Bujabi” The electronic games have become a misfortune for a person. And this is the biggest evidence of the influence of games, but the question is where are the minds that are aware and eager for their children?

Where are the minds of some young men, girls and spouses who have reached the point of addiction to that game or another, the limit reached for some of them to spend about five hours playing it, and the misfortune is that it is before sleep, so you find its effect stored in the mind while it does not feel, we see children's movements apply the same movements in Those games, some might say moves and there is nothing to worry about, I tell you yes, but do you learn the effect of these games on the mind, health and money? What would be your answer?

Unfortunately, these games dominated the minds of some young people so terribly that some of them did not respect his parents, and his voice became louder than his family, his only sitting in front of that screen with the game and his private world became more than his family and his lessons, not to mention who will get to know them during this game If they are bad people, then human beings are not one, caution is a duty in this time, so many temptations and challenges are greater than we were before, have not time and its changes become very fast? What we wanted to do is go to it by force and is very expensive at times, and now with a click of a button it is what you asked for, and this gives you an indication that caution is a duty and precaution about what is around you and your family is very important things.

Beware of leaving the rope on the occident and after it comes too late, looking for a solution to the problem that your son or daughter fell into. No one is infallible. Attention, care and attention is a divine matter and a prophetic direction.

This is the greatest evidence that parents are responsible for their children and accountants for negligence, but some excuse unfortunately that he was unable to control them, and they became adults while they are in the middle or high school stage, but no matter how old the children are, the responsibility remains on the parents until the son and daughter marry, Then it becomes the parent's role to provide support, advice and guidance when needed.

I hope that there will be great efforts from the competent authorities to assume the responsibility of educating the community about the harms of these games and others, there may be efforts, but they are not sufficient, so education has a greater role, the imams of mosques, preachers and preachers, intellectuals and scholars, security authorities, and control authorities Trade has a great role in fighting what harms society and its members, for these sons and daughters are the building blocks of the nation and they are support and leaders of the future.

In conclusion, I say to every user of this game and others, have mercy on yourself and be gentle with it, because you are the one responsible for it, so what happened to it will you be the biggest loser in it, think with your mind and ask yourself how long will I waste my time, money and health on such a game and others without any significant benefit? I ask God to guide everyone and to protect our young men and women from all harm, misfortune and harm.

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