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UAV Coin Airdrop - 10 UAV ($20)

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1 year ago

UAV Coin is a new blockchain and token for incentive mechanism s for a decentralized Drone Flight Time recording and tableting. It is the first ever decentralized unmounted automated vehicle coin. They are doing an airdrop for 10 UAV Coin per person who can complete a few simple tasks.

Sign up here.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Start the airdrop Telegram bot.
Step 2. Join them on their Telegram group.
Step 3. Join them on their Telegram channel.
Step 4. Follow their Twitter page.
Step 5. Retweet their pinned tweet.
Step 6. Submit your Twitter profile link.
Step 7. Follow them on Instagram.
Step 8. Submit your Instagram profile link.
Step 9. Enter your Binance Smart Chain wallet address. (BEP-20)

You've successfully completed all the steps needed to complete the airdrop. You should receive your airdrop on the distribution date which is yet to be announced.

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1 year ago
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