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BitHashex Airdrop - Free 50 BHAX ($250)

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7 months ago

BithashEx is an esteemed Fintech company extending cutting-edge provisions on the Blockchain Platform. BithashEx is a radical product that aims to change the game of of global crypto remittance services.

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Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Join the Telegram airdrop bot.
Step 2. Create an account on BithashEx's website and complete KYC. (Use Referral Code: )
Step 3. Verify your email.
Step 4. Join their Telegram group.
Step 5. Join their Telegram channel.
Step 6. Follow BithashEx on Twitter.
Step 7. Retweet their pinned tweet.
Step 8. Follow Bithashex on LinkedIn. (optional)
Step 9. Follow Bithashex on Facebook. (optional)
Step 10. Follow them on Instagram. (optional)
Step 11. Join their promoter's Telegram channel.
Step 12. Follow their promoter's Twitter.
Step 13. Retweet the tweet about the BithashEx airdrop.
Step 14. Complete the image captcha.
Step 15. Submit your email address.
Step 16. Enter your Twitter profile link.
Step 17. Enter the link for your retweet.
Step 18. Enter your LinkedIn profile link.
Step 19. Enter your Facebook profile link.
Step 20. Enter your Instagram profile link.

Those are all the steps needed to receive your airdrop. The distribution will be 30 days after airdrop ends. Remember, don't pay any fees for your airdrop tokens!

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7 months ago
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