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All I want is you...

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2 months ago

When I hear you,

I couldn't resist listening.

When I started to think of you,

I can't stop myself.

When I see you,

I always follow you.

When I feel you,

I can't let you go.

When you're not around,

I want to be with you.

When something is not right,

I seek you.

When I feel lonely,

you're always there for me.

When I'm tired of the world,

All I think is you.

When you left me,

I felt the regret.

When I can't do anything,

I always depend on you.

When I stop,

you are with me.

When I move,

you leave me.

When I'm young, you could be with me all the time.

But I don't want you.

When I grow older and older, my time with you is

Just like a blink of the eye

All I wish...

All I wish...

Is the time with you.

All I want...

All I want...

Is to be with you...

-by nothing

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